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by LiszyK
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I hope this short writing brings everyone into the holiday spirit of gratefulness:)

Treasured Thankfulness

Now that the holiday season is coming up, everyone is getting into the spirit of giving and receiving. Everyone is guilty of focusing on what they don't have and wishing for something more to add to their life. Whether it be more money, more time, better family, or all of those. What do you wish you had?

You look to the television and you see perfect families getting along and being happy with each other. You look to magazines to see the latest and greatest in tech that no one can afford. Then you look to social media and you see these fabulous people and you wish that you could have what they have. We look at what we have in comparison and wonder how we could ever measure up, right? That's where we go wrong! You can't really measure something right if the scales are skewed and out-weighed can you? If all you see is "perfection" and "greatness" in models on the magazines, billionaires on T.V, and cute family pictures on social media, you're not getting the whole picture. Those people could have something great going on in one part of their life and the rest be so opposite that the scale doesn't balance out. Is that what you really want?

Taking it back to my main point, there is no one way to live your life, no one thing to buy that will appease all your guests, no one way you can look that will make everyone love you, and no amount of tech that will make you feel better about yourself. When you look at what you don't have, your head can swim with it all. Look instead at what you've been given and what you've worked your rear end off for! Sure, you might not have the newest phone or watch or tablet, but does yours work? Why, then you're already better off than over half the world! You might not have the perfect figure or the perfect family, but do you love them; do you love yourself? This season, don't look at all the fake things that make you look good or feel good, look at what you have and know that you've done the best you can do with what you've been gifted with.

In short, what we do and what we should be have grown very far apart. We should be: grateful for what we have, love who we are, love who we aren't because we're only human after-all, love those who've gotten you to where you are, and most importantly-appreciate what we've been given. Looking at what you don't have is only going to take you a mile back from where you just hiked up to. Don't do that- always be walking forwards with your head held high, your back straight and firm, and the knowledge that everything you do means something, no matter how grand or slight. Then, in everything, be grateful, or you might just risk the chance of losing it all in your search for bigger and better when all along what you had was always what you needed.

So, this season, will you look at the things you don't have and see yourself as lacking or insufficient, or will you be the better person and be grateful for what you have and appreciate where you are? It's all up to you!

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