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An offering for Daily Flash Fiction with three word prompts.
         "So, what brings you here to the emergency room on such a fine night?"
         "Who, me? Oh, just this lump on my head."
         "Whoa, that's a beaut! I didn't see it under your cap. If ya don't mind me askin', what happened?"
         "I guess I messed with the wrong bird, a duck to be exact. Crazy critter startled me in my kitchen. It was squawking and flapping its wings. I was knocked into a table. It sure packed a punch."
         "Oooo, so the duck decked ya?"
         "Ah, no. It chased me and I lost a shoe as I scrambled away. I think I stumbled and tripped."
         "And that's when you bumped your head? It's quite a goose egg."
         "No, no, the fall rattled me, but I didn't hit my melon. I got up and tried throwing something at that daffy duck."
         "Did you get 'im? I hope ya rattled his cage."
         "Well, I was just winging it and I wanted that bird out of my house. I grabbed the first thing I could reach on the counter and whipped it toward him. I swear the darn drake ducked and the teapot hit the screen door and bounced back toward me. Before it shattered on the floor, the teapot broke my skin."
         "I guess it's a good thing you didn't pick up a loaded gun, heh?" ( 225 words )

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