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By Joseph Federico • 10.24.10

We live in a country where career satisfaction is diminishing year after year and according to the statistics, adults somewhere between the ages of 18 to mid-thirties change careers an average of ten times. With that being said, most of us out there have daydreamed one time or another about having a different, and killer job … and if you deny this fact, you’re indeed a liar. Here’s a list of ten jobs you wish you had.

10 Trapeze artist
If you’re a young dude that has dreamed about flying since you were a wee little lad, this job’s for you. I’d say you’d have to be in your mid-twenties and have a passion for this sort of thing; becoming flexible and being able to fly through the air with the greatest of ease won’t come to you overnight, but having that dare devil mindset sure will help you take the plunge … hopefully the safety net is already in place.

9 Brew master
Love beer? Apply to be the master of the brew. The kind of man that’s cut out for this job is the guy who likes to wait for things to happen. If you have a creative side, that will help you as well. Imagine telling your friends that you not only created a new flavor of beer but you get to drink on the job.

8 Concert promoter
This job is cool because you get to be the spokesperson for your favorite band and you definitely will take on much less responsibility than a publicist. What’s cooler than standing around all day in a musty, broken-in pair of jeans, sneakers and a band tee? Who knows … you’ll probably party with the band after their tour to boot.

7 Rocker
Why be a concert promoter or roadie when you can actually live the full experience. Call up some frat brothers of yours from college, jam a bit and see where it takes you. Follow through on the dream of crashing hotel rooms, not being tied-down to any particular lady and live up to the saying “sex, drugs, and rock n’roll.”

6 Mad scientist
Did you have a science kit growing-up? Here’s your chance to make playtime a reality. You can’t actually take over the world or create an antidote for those who may turn into zombies when the world ends, but you can dream. Start out small … break out an old erector set or get scrap metal parts and build really awesome robots. If all else fails, at least you know you tried … and one last thing, keep Dr. Frankenstein in mind.

5 Photographer
Every Tom, Dick, and Harry has a digital camera or some kind of iPhonamatronic in their pocket at all times. And every one of those said people can point and click at a building facade in an artsy way and publish it to their Facebook wall. This kind of job takes the utmost creativity and a lot of patience. If you think you have the chops to go out there in this economy and blow Warhol out of his grave, go for it.

4 Chocolatier
You don’t have to be a chick to love chocolate and this kind of job can be really satisfying … to your taste buds, that is. Much like that of a brew master, you get to taste your improvements as you climb the ladder of chocolaty success.

3 Freelance writer
In this kind of business, you need to have connections and really be outgoing. It’s said that if successful enough, one can live off a freelancer’s salary quite comfortably. Make those contacts and pitch those ideas!

2 Lion trainer
Manly men only needed to sought out this kind of position. Do you like laughing in the face of death? Would you not mind sticking your head in the mouth of a foul beast? This job is off-beat and sounds like a blast … it may even get you laid with the right kind of animal-loving Jane of the jungle chick. Go get ‘em Tarzan.

1 Bar owner
Let the booze flow freely and the tips be spent generously. Being a barkeep can rock for the right kind of dude. This kind of person needs to be extremely outgoing, and needs to keep a balance of knowing how to have fun but also how to stay safe. Try telling a woman you own a bar and … well, I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination.

The above jobs give you a good idea of what kind of careers are out there; just remember that it’s never too late to get on a different saddle and ride off into a crazy-ass job.

Have any other ideas of cool jobs you want to take on or know someone who works in that field? Leave a comment below and share them!
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