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Santa writes a letter to Jane Austen. Written for Minya's Parallel Universe Contest.
Dear Jane Austen:

I know you feel down at times. You can't put your name on your published works and your brother gets your manuscripts published. You know you wrote these novels and people who talk to you, know you wrote them as well. They can tell by your speech and you talk about your characters and your friends and people you met at balls, they influenced you to write your stories. The friends and people you have met will know this. They may not say so but they know. They are keeping your secret. Your brother Henry is proud of you and is keeping your secret.

You haven't found your own Mr. Darcy but don't give up hope. The Irish man you loved. His parents felt like you weren't part of the ton and had nothing to offer. He went back to Ireland to go to college. He wasn't right for you. You have your family and Cassandra admires you and you are so lucky to have a sister like her. Thomas Lefroy. He was married to your friend and cousin. You stayed friendly with him and was he the one you felt was Mr. Darcy? You never kissed him or did you? You are entitled to your secrets. You would never compromise your reputation or bring shame to your family. You almost married a clergy man but you didn't love him. He wasn't your Mr. Darcy. You had a right to turn him down. It was the right thing to do. I can't promise that you will find your Mr. Darcy but treasure the balls you have gone to and the men who paid attention to you. You like dancing with military men and you have a family who love you.

Your stories make you happy. Someday, you will be remembered for your stories. Mrs. Claus and I love reading your stories. You are special and a Princess. You are admired by a lot of people. You just don't know it.

I will continue to bring you paper, pens and I will think of you at your desk writing away. Dream of your Mr. Darcy. Don't give up hope, my Dear. I love that you leave me tea instead of milk. I know you brewed the tea for me. I can't bring you Mr. Darcy but when you find him, you will know. Treasure your family. Send me copies of any stories you write. Jane Austen, you are dear to me.

Love: Santa Claus

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