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Rated: E · Poetry · Writing · #2067706
Inquiring Minds Contest Entry
 Logophile  (E)
Inquiring Minds Contest Entry
#2067706 by Chris Breva AKA Marvin Schrebe


A logophile is a lover of word. The roots are logos, which is a Greek word for word and philos, which is a Greek word meaning to love something or be obsessed with it. Thus a logophile is a lover of words.

An sonnet to a logophile

There are worse things than being a logophile
If you don’t believe so just read awhile
A worse thing would be to be a child molester
It would also be worse to be dope tester.

Little things really can mean a lot
To come up with worse things I am on the spot
Perhaps it is worse to be never chant
Without words we could never rant!

Logophiles serve a purpose for all
Loving words is a noble call
After all writers are such
As writers we love words so much!

Logophiles then serve quite a purpose
Without them life would be a circus!

14 lines
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