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Don't let their age fool you. They are ruthless when it comes to treasure hunting.

Five Gold Rings

     “We aren’t going to get home in time for the holidays.” Using his palm of his hand Kellor uppercut into a female’s nostrils. She sailed backwards slightly before smashing through a thick pillar. Dead before she hit the ground. With his shoe Kellor jabbed behind him into a male’s groan. He fell down in screaming pain trying to cover his bloody pants. His screams died when he did a few seconds later.

     “Don’t be so sure about that.” Ruthanna kicked a female in her chest just below her chest – twice. It happened so fast it looked like one kick with her pointed heel shoe. With her other foot she did a round-the-world kick to a male’s neck – slicing his neck with a big gash. Both died before they hit the ground. “We have three rings already, and we are about to get the fourth one.”

     “That only leaves one more to find, and we only have two months before the holiday.” Kellor scanned the large temple courtyard. In various ways about twenty people laid dead.

     “We are going to get there in plenty of time.” Ruthanna stepped onto the back of one male. Then his head – sending it into the head beneath him. It made it appear as though both males were kissing. “When we do we will do it as the youngest Treasure Hunters in the universe.”

     “Just think of the presents we can give our families with that wealth.” Kellor, an alethic boy at fourteen, joined Ruthanna. Using the two dead bodies too Kellor let Ruthanna use his shoulders to reach the fourth ring.

     “I already have.” Ruthanna, a slim petite girl at eleven, had to stretch a little, but she finally grabbed a ring the size of an average human adult face. “Ever since we started this treasure hunt three month ago.”

     Ruthanna put the ring in her Neck Sack. Then swung it behind her back before jumping off of Kellor. She tucked her legs to her chest as she did a body circle. Ruthanna ended that circle against a dead female.

     Kellor jumped off the two guys – and helped Ruthanna get to her feet again. Together they left that temple glancing at all the dead as they did.


     Ruthanna read from a large barely readable map on a table. “According to this the fifth ring is in a temple that died five thousand years ago. To find it we must go almost to the core of the planet of Goul.”

     “We are almost to Goul now.” Kellor sat behind the Controls of a small spaceship. “Any idea where this temple is really at?”

     “I think I have.” It’s the same table, but instead of a map there’s a floating globe. Ruthanna stood behind it. “Goul has a lot of sunken buildings, but not too many temples.”

     It took them almost three weeks to find that temple, and when they did they weren’t the only ones there. There’s only four others there, but they all had weapons. Kellor and Ruthanna didn’t.

     “It’s best if you leave before you get hurt.” A male stepped forward. His weapons still at his side. “We don’t want to kill child, but we will if we have too.”

     “We know what you have done with the other Treasure Hunters.” A female, who joined the male, tapped the weapons together in her hands. “That’s why we came prepared.”

     “What do you think we have done?” Kellor and Ruthanna moved up to the other couple together.

     “If you mean killed we have killed about sixty ‘adults’ so far.” Ruthanna stood in front of the other couple. Both of them had their weapons out too.

     Kellor attacked the one with the weapons with a round-the-world kick that sent those weapons smashing against a nearby wall. Then with the other foot he sent it clear through her stomach. Before the male could re-act he created a crater in his face with his fist.

     Meanwhile, Ruthanna ran toward the other couple so fast she must have appeared to be a blur. Just before reaching them she spread her legs out in front of her – and turned them sideways seconds before making contact with their necks. Her pointed heels put a hole in the center of them both. As those blood gushing holes burst outward the couple hit the floor - their weapons sailed up into the air only to smash into a million pieces next to them.

     “Check them for food and Units while I go look for the final ring.” Kellor started walking away.

     Ruthanna started checking the couple near her. A few seconds later she shouted at Kellor. “Wait, they already found the last ring.” She held it up to show him.


     “What exactly are these five gold rings supposed to reveal to us?” Kellor sat behind the Control of their spaceship again. “Are they magic?”

     “According to the legend all we need to do is put them together, and they are supposed to lead us to a treasure worth thousands then.” Ruthanna sat next to Kellor that time. “It would be worth in the billions, maybe in the low trillions, now.”

     Kellor hit a button on the control panel in front of him. A sign lit up that said ‘Press for Manual Control.’ Then he, and Ruthanna, got up and went to the table above them where the five rings laid.

     “How exactly are we supposed to do this?” Kellor picked up one ring.

     “According to legend connect three on top and two under that. Then connected both three and two together,” Ruthanna said.

     They connected them according to instructions. Suddenly the assembled rings rose up into the air. Then flame entered the circles – and it all disappeared in a burst of bright light.

     “Another fake map.” Kellor and Ruthanna both looked disappointed. “No presents to take home to our family and friends after all.”

     “They have us.” Ruthanna walked toward the Controls. “Let’s go home for the holidays.”
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