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by Sandra
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Triston finds himself in the cybertronic period. [A.K.A: cybertronic universe]
As the portal took Triston to the other world he ends up unconscious as he hits the ground hard in a rock scape.

about an hour later Triston wakes up in some underground area with hospital beds and operating tables, Triston finds himself in a hospital bed as he becomes conscious.
A few seconds later Triston lifts his arm to suddenly get a wave of sharp pain,
he then made a painful look in his face aswell looking around wondering where he was.

Triston looked at his arm to find some strange device on it, it was also covered with a cast underneath it, there were some strange buttons on the object with a screen.

a few minutes later as Triston was looking at the device a young man about Tristons age wearing some mask that looked like a hockey mask but black with a red triangle printed on the forehead area,
as the boy got closer to Triston he got a small hint of shockness for some reason as he looked at him. the boy started to move away as he began to think, 'this guy he looks like me? b.. but how!?' he thought as he gazed at Triston.

the boy then looked at Triston once more "who are you?" the man asked,
Triston looked up at the man "my name is Triston. Triston Hawkenson" he answered.

the boy looked at Triston shocked again as he heard the name Hawkenson,
'this boy... could he really be?' the boy thought as he tried to remember about something, Triston looked at the boy for a second then looked at the device on his arm.

"what is this thing thats on my arm?" he asked the boy curious, the boy looked at him "its a cyber-healer it automatically heals you" he answered.

a few minutes later the device suddenly beeped
the boy looked and took the device of Triston's arm,
"well here your healed up, you can go now" the boy said to triston,
triston sat up from the hospital bed and looked up at the boy as he turned away.
"wait!" Triston said as he lifted his hand up facing the boy, the boy's eyes widen as his eyes showed light blue and the boy turned around,
"what?" he said to Triston and Triston looked at him "where am i?"
he asked and the boy faced him ""your in the cybertronic universe kid? he replied to Triston.

Triston started to get surprised "how do i get home?" he asked the boy, "you can't get back to your own period, now that you passed the cybertronic period you have the cybertronic curse" he beginned to answer,
"the cybertronic curse is a virus of some sort that keeps whoever shall cross this period permanently be stuck in the period." he continued.

as the boy was about to walk away he tossed Triston some device
"here kid this is the cybertron, a device that can do well mainly anything."
he tells Triston as he leaves the room, The boy presses something on his Cybertron and gets teleported out of the area.

To be continued
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