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Two spirits contemplate our very existence

Oh, Free Spirit, come with me,
we'll dive into the deep blue sea.
Let us sink beneath her waves,
beyond the sunken pirate's graves.

We'll float below her salty mires,
drifting through the whale-call choirs.
Soundless swimmers, gliding down,
swirling through her emerald gown.

Oh, Free Spirit, come with me,
to a place of utmost secrecy.
We'll soar along the current stream,
and splash inside a liquid dream.

Warmth and darkness embrace us here,
the calm of naught relieves all fear.
In the waters of light and earth,
began our journey, began our birth.

Oh, Free Spirit, come with me,
and rise above the foamy sea.
We'll look upon her raging skin,
knowing peace lies deep within.

Below the crashing, thrashing waves,
beyond the deepest, darkest caves.
Amidst the calmest, stillest gloom,
a place of wonder, a growing womb.

Oh, Free Spirit, come with me,
and surge into the starry sea.
We'll float above the watered land,
to ponder when all life began.

--28 Lines
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