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Rated: E · Draft · Children's · #2070489
Kid's book teaches young children about teamwork and that differences can be a positive.


Written by Elizabeth R. Elstien

Pg. 1. White Paws is not happy.

Pg. 2. A terrible storm fell on his island.

Pg. 3. It ruined the land while those that lived on it hid.

Pg. 4. The island was a mess.

Pg. 5. White Paws went to the sandy ridge to get a better look at the island.

Pg. 6. The sand was full of sticks. The ants were antsy.

Pg. 7. White Paws went to the water to get a drink.

Pg. 8. It was covered over with tree branches. The fish fretted.

Pg. 9. White Paws jumped into the forest to catch food.

Pg. 10. The ground was muddy and full of leaves. The tree toads tumbled.

Pg. 11. White Paws crawled into the cave to rest.

Pg. 12. It was full of rocks and lot of water. The bats were batty.

Pg. 13. White Paws climbed up a big tree to nap.

Pg. 14. The tree was filled with paper and broken nests. The birds bellowed.

Pg. 15. White Paws leaped into town to check the news.

Pg. 16. The people were cleaning up. They were working together.

Pg. 17. White Paws ran out of town as fast as he could go.

Pg. 18. He went up to the sandy ridge. He yelled for the animals to come too.

Pg. 19. The animals all gathered to listen to White Paws.

Pg. 20. White Paws said, “All the people are cleaning up the town.”

Pg. 21. “How are we tiny creatures going to clean up the country?” the animals asked.

Pg. 22. One tiny ant shouted, “We could work together. We ants can move things.”

Pg. 23. White Paws agreed. “You all have special powers. Learn how to use them.”

Pg. 24. Let us get started cleaning up the country now,” the animals yelled.

Pg. 23. The bats and the birds flew together to clean up the trees and the forest.

Pg. 24. The fish and the toads swam together to clean up the water and drain the cave.

Pg. 25. The ants and White Paws moved things together to clean up the sandy hill.

Pg. 16. The animals all cheered to see their island looking good again.

Pg. 26. Working together, each animal used their special power to help clean the island they loved.

Pg. 27. You, too, can use your special power to help out where you live. OR

You and your friends can use your special powers to help out where you live.

<educational activities at end of book or as a downloadable from website>

Written for ages 5-7, older picture book readers

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