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A letter to myself for encouragement!
Dear Me,
As I look into your eyes this morning and brush the teeth that remain, I want you to listen to me, and listen good. You have spent over forty years of your life catering to four husbands, four children, nine grandchildren, six cats, four dogs and one turtle. You have been told that you would never amount to anything, and you have dealt with verbally and physically abusive people in and out of your family, and in addition to that, you survived prison time due to your alcoholism that you finally admitted that you have.
With that said, let me explain something to you. You are a beautiful woman, inside and out. You may not have had much encouragement in your life, but that does not mean that you are not responsible for your own happiness. I want you to know that taking the step to stop drinking six years ago has really been good for you. Look in the mirror, (spit out the toothpaste please), okay, now look in the mirror, see that face, it still has that beautiful smile, pretty good skin, and you are none the worse for wear. Each and every day I want you to come here to this mirror and say, “I love you”, look deep into your own eyes, and repeat it as often as you can until you believe it. This is the exercise you will do throughout the entire year of 2016.
I am giving you this exercise because without it, you will not be able to continue on with the things that you have already begun. Back in 2012, I was proud that you took the steps to return to college to get your degree, and even though in that very year your husband decided to leave, you continued on with your studies. You surprised me by maintaining a high enough GPA to be invited to one of the top honor societies in the United States, and receiving many scholarships and accolades on the way. However, with all that you have accomplished the one thing that I want you to constantly remember is how you did it. Your Higher Power.
You see, I remember how you cried 6 years ago when you were incarcerated. I remember how you asked your Higher Power to give you the heart of the child you were before you were told his name. I remember how He did that for you and how important He became to you, how you became so spiritually strong that a light began to shine from you that nobody understood. I look back and see your struggle, and the one thing that I don’t want you to forget is what got you this far. Never forget to greet him in the morning, never forget to let the world know that even though you thought you were alone, that in the light of day, you saw that you were not alone at all.
Therefore, there is not much that I need for you to do this year except remember to keep your Higher Power first and foremost, because since you started doing that, you have really been on the ball, and this year, you finally graduate and go on to a four-year University. You will definitely need him guide and direct you as you go forward to bigger and even better things in your life.

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