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by Ray
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Entertainment · #2071026
Francesca encountering the buxom blonde that is Claire status isn't against bimbo powers.~
Francesca found herself rather confused while standing before a strange looking shop. Having come to the mall for specific items she was surprised to find a store so pink and gaudy. Looking at it making the dancer's eyes twitch at the sight. Making a slightly disgusted noise before noticing someone inside the store.

"Excuse me, but what is this place?" Francesca found herself asking, wondering how such a store with such unrefinded articles of clothing could be accepted into the mall. Francesca about to speak more before she was greeted to the woman inside the store- having walked over upon being called.

There before her stood a woman around Francesca's height. With bright blonde hair with two hot pink colored streaks in it. Her eyes a strange shade of pink with lips largely puffy and the same color. Her attire consisting of a pink shirt and tight shorts along with pink leggings and a lighter shade pair of boots.

"Like hi! I am like Claire! Welcome to my shop!" The blonde hair girl said happily. For a moment Francesca's eyes locking onto the woman's large breast as they bounced before looking away. Focusing back on the blonde's face.

"Right... Now as I was asking what is-"

"Oh!" Francesca did not have time to finish her reaction before Claire reached out and grabbed her wrist. Francesca about to react but was rapidly dragged into the store and into one of the backrooms. The dancer about to reach for her pendant but was unable to as she was pushed into a stall.

"You are like so cute! We gotta try one some super adorbs stuff on you!" The blonde cheered as she stepped into the stall with Francesca. The dancer in a state of great confusion on what had just happened. As she moved to speak out however something strange occurred. As if her mind was suddenly covered in a thick layer of fleece. Unable to entirely focus while takign a hand to her forehead- gently rubbing it as it throbbed.

As Francesca was trying to fight her headache she hadn't noticed Claire begin to work. Somehow stripping away the dancer's clothing before she realized what was going on- turning down only to see herself now in her bra and panties.

"W-what?!" Francesca yelled out in shock before trying to cover herself up. Claire pouting at that before reaching forward- forcing the woman's arms away so Claire could look her over. The instant that Claire's hands touched the dancer, her mind began to blur again. The contact causing her thoughts to become jumbled and confusing.

"Your undies are SOOOO boring. And like how did you like fit your boobies into that? Isn't like too small?" Claire asked with honest confusion. Francesca about to protest that her bra fit her 'perfect body' before a strange sense of doubt overtook her.

Looking back down at her breast Francesca's eyes glazed over for a moment. In her daze she watched as her breast began to balloon out- growing larger and larger before her very eyes. Unable to comprehend what was happening due to her state of mind. Bra becoming tighter and tighter as her perky B cup breast grew into E cup ones in the blink of an eye. Jiggling with each motion she made.

"You're... right... How did I put that on...?" Francesca found herself asking. Confused at how her large breast had fit into such a small bra in the first place. No longer even remembering that she was a B cup a few moments earlier. Her attention drawn back as Claire examined her rear and cupped it. Francesca letting out a soft moan as she felt changes occur there as well.

"And your booty does not look good in these either." Claire commented while cupping the dancer's rear. Said backside growing in size as it fleshed out more and more. Hips filling with a bit more flesh as well. Francesca all the while letting out a soft moan as Claire played with her body. Only worsening as the blonde stood back up and cupped her breast from behind- groping them with ease. While her booty/ass/hips/thighs/ass-cheeks grows from a A cup straight to a F cup.

"O-oooo~ I-I am sorry. M-my clothes are... like super lame..." Francesca found herself saying without realizing. Not noticing as Claire once again removed her clothing- leaving her bare as the day she was born. Right before the blonde put some new underwear on her. Lingerie set with black lace and all- showing off her cleavage and jiggling rear quite well. Francesca in too much of a daze to even notice Claire removing her necklace and placing it in a box. Claire stating she'd be right back before heading out of the store.

Left alone for a moment gave Francesca time to look into the full view mirror set in the room. Turning to see quite the sight. Where the thin and well refinded Francesca once stood was no longer the case. Her entire body from the neck down was no longer that of a regal dancer. Instead it was one of a bimbo's with large jiggling breast, wide hips, and a thick rear. Francesca's eyes widening in horror for a moment before the daze started to return.

"N-no.. I-I am Francesca... I-I am refined... I-I'm... jiggly...?" As Francesca was shaking her head in resistance she noticed her breast bounce with her actions. Eyes now fully locked onto them in the mirror before reacing for them. Eaisly cupping both in her hands before she started to bounce them. Finding the acton strange hypnotic. Without even thinking about it she started to bounce in place. Enjoying as her breast jiggled and bounced with each hop.

As she did this her face started to change to match her new thicker and more volumpetous body. Lips becoming more plump while her eyes seemed to become wider as well. If she had looked into the mirror at that moment she would have been able to see the intelligence fade away from her eyes entirely along with any resistance. Hair acting on its own and turning from her simple black into blonde- with a streak of black left over to signify her previous hair color. Where the dancer once stood was now a bimbo, much like Claire was one.

"OMG. I am like so jiggly! I gotta like show Claire-Claire after we like have fun~" Francesca said before turning to the mirror with a questioning look. "Like who am I again...? Oh! Franny! That's right!" She said before starting to model off the clothing. Unaware that Claire was returning with plenty of clothes to try on. Something Franny would be doing for quite some time... 
© Copyright 2016 Ray (xxxray111xxx at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2071026