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It's mainly just about a noise dragon that is dumb and jerky enough to make fun of statue.
There is a beast that has gone by many legends, known as the mighty Nine Tailed Fox. He is one of the many tailed beasts out there in the world and spends his time wandering around in the deepest forest regions, far away from humanity in order to enjoy peace and quiet at last from all the chaotic fighting he has been under. The birds are chirping quite happily as the day continues on and the strong chakra being beast wanders around the forest. He has gone by many names, one he hates quite a bit is the name of Kyuubi, a name not given to him by birth, but by humans whom have feared and loathed him. Hate has always clouded his vision when he thought back to that name and all the troubles it brought with it. The memories alone that he wishes to forget and bury. The name he truly wishes to be called by is Kurama, a name given to him by someone long gone in a time long forgotten. But for now, the past isn't something he wishes to remember.

" *Sigh* I could use a drink right about now," he mutters to himself as his thoughts wandered back to the sad memories, shaking his head a bit to get off that ," What I would give to have myself a large bottle of sake right now…" he chuckles to himself. “Ah who am I kidding, like that would fix anythi--”

Before he could finish, the rather large orange fox tilts his head around as a strange scent fills his nostrils quite hastily as he starts to recognize the familiar scent that hangs in the air. It was something he hadn’t seen or smelt in a long time after leaving humans. A brew of this scent was not something made by the hands or paws of those living in the forest, so it’s quite rare that Kurama even smells something like this. Following the aroma he stumbles across something rather peculiar, a large vial in a black clay container with a cork on top of it and string around it, the size of the brew is big enough to fill someone Kurama's size quite well. And inside of it was the sweet scent of pure sake itself.

“A-Am I going crazy?! I-Is this real?!” he says growing wide eyed as he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. A large sake bottle just for him to guzzle down, it’s as if he was given this gift just for all the hard effort he had put in all those years ago. He wanted to question it, wonder how something so convenient was placed here but didn’t care. Instead, he felt like thanking whatever gods there were for giving him such a blessed gift since it would happily help him erase some of the memories that began surfacing again within his mind. Taking the bottle into his paws, the large fox could almost feel a tear in his eye as he gazes at the drink as his tails swish about rather excitingly. As much as he wished to prolong the moment of gazing at his drink, he could only happily open it up with a pop of a cork. “I don’t know why you’re here, but I know this. All of your sweet nectar is going in this big fox alone.” Kurama said with a grin as he simply bites on the cork and pulls it right off to get this fabulous brew in front of him. Nothing else mattered to him right now expect to fully drink this mysterious yet amazing gift!

Mere seconds seem to last forever to Kurama as he takes a deep whiff of the brew. as the smell of it just seems to encircle around him, begging for the large fox to guzzle it all down greedily. He lifts it up as if he were celebrating “Here’s to me, for being the best there is and the best at what I do“. Leaning back and cupping his paw together tightly around the round vial, Kurama guzzles the drink down, as the thick liquid coats the inside of his tongue lapping it up, not letting a single rich drop fall away as he guzzles it right down. He takes it all in without a single stop of breath, as he enjoys all of the rich texture travelling down his taste buds and into his throat. The warmth of the brew settling quite heavily within his stomach as it would send him into a hazy mindset with everything seeming a bit foggy to him. The loud gulping sounds could be heard all around the forest as the Kitsune drinks the sake blindly, becoming a bit loopy and oblivious to what’s around him from drinking so much. Especially blinding him to the bizarre changes that are starting to occur around the orange fox, especially around his midsection that was swelling outwards, only it isn't weight that Kurama is gaining.

"Ooooo wow! *hiccup* That was some sake I just drank. I never tasted anything like it!" Kurama chuckles to himself as he settles down on his behind, slowly stroking his belly with his paws, scratching the rounder surface of it curiously. "Oooo ahehe, guess I drank a little too much there. Though some bloating isn’t going to hurt. *hiccup*”.

He would cradle the expanding midsection of his belly with both paws, gently rubbing it to ease the so called "bloating". Only, it wasn’t easing. Not even all the belches and hiccups he had was releasing any of the gas inside. Confusion began appearing all over his face as he squeezes around his round drum sized stomach, wondering why his stomach was acting up. Kurama was a powerful and abnormal creature but even this was too bizarre for a fox like him. Although, it felt kind of nice having such a firm stomach around his torso, it felt quite soft and squishy to touch. “I know I drank much but I didn’t think it was that fattening.” Kurama said as he rubs his large gut “Though...it feels kinda...lovely..”. The fox’s mind wandered as he rubs it slower and slower, the feeling of his expanding gut being smoothly caressed made him feel at ease. Yet at the same time it was also unyielding as it felt too firm to rub around as it grew by the second.

The large fox could only snap out of his trance like state and shake his head about as he pushes the strange thoughts of bliss away. “Gah, what the hell am I doing?! Wait, is it growing!?” Kurama said as fear dug deep into his mind, worrying what was happening to his bloating belly, or even his body overall. There really was something happening inside of him, and somehow he knew it wasn’t over just yet!

Kurama could only lie on the ground just staring at his swelling round belly in shock, watching it bloat more and more with no signs of stopping. He never thought that a vial of sake would cause him to bloat so heavily at such a fast rate. Kurama grunted with worry “Why isn’t it stopping?! Damnit what was in that bottle?!” he cried out while watching his belly swell out. The fox could only take deeper breaths due to his nervousness, causing his rather plump middle to swell more as he panics. “No no no, come on, stop growing!” Kurama said as he pushed his squishy belly, feeling that weird trance like state he felt earlier by just touching his own expanding self. Grunting to himself, Kurama tried to fight the strange temptations, only it was getting harder now that his round belly bulged out quite a few inches more, and somehow was creeping up against his own chest. Now his own belly and chest were beginning to fill up as Kurama’s worries grew more and more as he squeezes his now expanding chestal region.

“W-wha? N-no this isn’t happening, I have to be dreaming this! I must have passed out from drinking so much of that sake, I must have!” he said while his chest grew out more, feeling how soft it was just from his fingers sinking deep into it. “But..nnngggghhh, it feels so good but...why?” Kurama couldn’t understand the sensations he began to feel, having his own belly and chest push outwards inside of himself like a balloon, never seaming to cease. If anything, he was starting to slowly yet strangely feel aroused by how it felt, just slowly growing as a soft marshmallow, deeply rubbing into himself as he enters into a trance once more. He didn’t understand what was making him so big, or how it was transforming him into this large state.

But that confusion made it more arousing, just wanting to be bigger to see what happens and how it feels as he hesitantly nuzzles softly into his own puffy chest as he mutters to himself. “Could I get..softer? Soft as a marshmallow? Soft as...a balloon?” he wondered to himself, lost in the confusion of how it all felt, trying to fight the curious temptation of growing bigger. He knew it was the sakes’ fault, he knew that something inside of there that was changing him now, but what was inside of it that’s causing him to grow so largely at such a fast rate?
Thoughts like that had distracted him from the swelling midsection of his belly, as it rivals that of a giant beach ball, or even bigger. The swelling of his stomach had caused him to take his paws and firmly rub curiously around to see if it was fat. Strangely, most of it feels like air inside based on the lack of sagginess, but that only raised more questions. “Air? W-wait, am I..am I..inflating?! L-like a b-b-balloon??” Kurama said in a panic, snapping out again from his trance. Strangely he could only repeat the word balloon inside of his head, as if that word alone had a deeper meaning to it. But with those questions sprout more as it only got worse, with his curious fear’s arising by the minute as he began breathing harder and harder as his hands wrap around his entire midbody, feeling the soft plumpness of his own self. But his arms felt strange, as if all that same air that was gathering up inside began spreading all over him. “Wha?!” shocked as Kurama noticed the strange feeling becoming apparent around his body. Soon he began to feel his limbs thicken up richly all over with air, turning each portion of his frame rounder by the second. It got so bad that even flexing his arms and legs became difficult with the copious amounts of air inside of his flesh. Now Kurama could barely bend his full arms into a flex as more air fills them up in as he expands all over, resisting to go over a certain point as he tries to flex them. It felt like a balloon being squeezed between someone's paws, with the soft yet almost firm pressure inside of him trying to flex against it.

Kurama could only grow more weary as he thinks to himself, “At this rate my whole body is gonna become a giant air container! Damnit what do I do, what CAN I do!? All I’m becoming is just a balloon!” he startles and finnick's about as he feels his body become firmer and softer, noticing one major detail in his expansion. “Crap, soon I won’t be able to move at all!”

With whatever strength he had left, Kurama focused on standing up his feet, even though that was getting difficult with his paw pads rounding out quite a bit from all the air flowing through them. Even his toes were filling up with air as they became the size of mini bowls. “I gotta lose all this air in me fast! But I gotta get out of the open. I can’t be seen like this or I’ll never hear the end of it!” Kurama said as he tried his best to stand up on all his four’s. In an attempt to stop the change from taking over his body completely, Kurama started to walk out of the forest, clearing a way to place more private, only to find it harder move with that rather round belly the way. He believed that trying to exert himself would deflate the air from inside of him, only to find that such a method wasn’t effective.

The air would firmly stay in place inside him as it kept him from moving in a straight line, making him take a few steps widely back and forth in a type of weird waddle as he flustered at how incredibly silly it looked. To make matters worse, his hid began to gain a lusciously large round rump that stuck out into the air, as the fuzzy orange spheres looked big enough to rival the size of bears. Not even all of his nine tails could hide a rump that big, and he could only be so embarrassed with himself for having such a rather thick butt. He always took pride over his rather slender figure, hence why he didn't like becoming out of shape at all. Just becoming so large all over in such a humiliating spot was sending the fox into a frantic titz. Nothing felt right at all, it was like something deep within his body was changing his own genetic makeup! As if that thing was purposefully making him swell into some sorta blimp, even though he has yet to rival that size!

Kurama could only grunt and moan as he bends over from the amount of pressure; the tightness of his fur began to overwhelm him as he could only collapse on his ever growing belly. “Nnnnghhh, it won’t stop. I can’t get rid of all this air no matter what I do.” Kurama said with a deep breathes of exhaustion. “I can’t fight this. I want to but I can’t. This can’t be happening to me. Why me off all creatures”? He couldn’t hide his expression as it was covered in shock and fear as he gazes all over his body, never once believing he’d become so round or large in his life. Kurama was always careful on what he ate but now he felt like all his effort to keep that figure slender was pointless. The very size of his girth began sending shivers up his spine as he watches it swell out more and more, touching the ground even if he were standing. His breathing became faster from his fearful state as his own mind was sent into confusion once more. Kurama could only lie helplessly on his ever growing belly, feeling it press firmly on the ground as he lies prone, trying to squeeze his frame with his bloated arms. “I don’t want to accept it, I can’t. I don’t want to accept it but...but…” he could only close his eyes, trying to fight back the temptations with his whole being until “Why does this feel so good?!” he cried out with a flustered blush.

The fox's chest was starting to take in more air into itself, expanding to rival the size of pillows by now. Kurama could only arch his back with a huff as he watched his body become rounder and thicker all over, finding it quite hard to even move his paws around as his belly lifts him right off of the ground, sending him struggling about as he tries to grapple onto some grass or soil. Struggling however made his growth accelerate more as his body started to take in more air into his body, becoming completely beached upon his gut. Even his chest and back started to swell out further as they reached just enough to encircle around Kurama's head. He could only pant deeper in shock and panic as all his swelling grew out of control, trying to deny that this was all his own as he starts to feel what he could reach. It wasn’t much at all as he could only stroke his paws around his large van size belly.

Kurama could only moan and grunt as his firm air stuffed gut felt lovely to rub against, with his own plump fingers seeping inside of it. Once more does the sensational lust take over his head, unable to control himself as he kneads deep into his belly with his eyes closed muttering “I’m just a...just a…”. He was still full of fear at the sudden changes, not knowing what was going to happen to him at this rate. Throughout his whole body he swells out more, becoming quite distant from the ground in front of him that he desperately struggles to reach. His own arms began to push out and swell into massive donut shaped inflatables, incapable of even flexing the tiniest bit. He was too overwhelmed by what was happening, feeling his entire body push yet squeeze itself into a soft yet tight round drum. Even his own hands began sinking into those tubes as he panted harder, just utterly speechless from the thousands of thoughts scrambling around in his head. “I’m...I’m…” he muttered through his now air stuffed cheeks, unable to finish as he passes out like a light, right on top of his fuzzy yet round desk sized chest enriched with pure air, fading away to awaken to something new…

In a place elsewhere was a large five tailed horse like creature that was around Kurama’s size, only this horses’ head was that of a dolphin with horns curving back. This creature was also a beast that had shared the same origin as Kurama, created by a man lost by legend who changed the world forever. This tailed beast was Kokuo, one of the females of the family whom, in a physical sense, was probably the strongest in terms of raw strength, with her ability to push her own chakra to the max to summon astonishing power. “I hope that fool hasn’t done anything reckless. If what I’ve been hearing is true I can’t imagine how’d he turn out if he became infected.” Kokuo said as she dashes swiftly through the forest. She recalled the various rumors and warnings of a strange infection spreading throughout the land called “The Balloon Virus”. From what she heard it was an infection that invades the body of a living being, slowly transforming them into a living creature made of rubber and latex by convincing them they were a balloon. It was a combination of a transformation and brainwashing so the virus have the host achieve a massive size. Where this came from or even how this became about was unknown, but with the reports of how it was rather constant throughout the land Kokuo began warning her brethren of the virus. The only one that she had yet to warn was Kurama, whom she was on her way to tell him now, hoping that she wasn’t too late.

As the night sky shines brightly with stars, Kurama could only grunt as he awakens from his slumber. The day is long over and all he could feel was a strange sense of dizziness, as if he went through a massive ordeal. The fox could only look around himself as he ponders what had happened, just to realize that all seemed normal. “What the...wait what was I do--wait! My body is-!” Kurama panicked as stared at his body, his….normally slender like figure? “Huh? Wait wasn’t I just…?” he muttered to himself utterly confused. Gazing more at his body he started to realize that his entire frame was still in one piece. He thought for sure that he was completely rounded out into a sphere from copious amounts of air building up inside him. But he saw his body was completely normal as he scratched his head in confusion, only to remember one important detail. “Oh right the sake! I must’ve drunk too much and passed out from the alcohol in it” he said laughing out loud “Wow, that must’ve been a hell of a drink if it gave me a dream that crazy!”. With peace in mind he could only take a deep breath of relief knowing all was well with him. With that deep breath Kurama’s ear’s perked up in an instant as he noticed something odd as he breathed in once more, noticing something peculiar. “Ooooo that feels..that feels good~” Kurama said as he took another deep breath “Ooo that feels really good!”.

He didn’t understand why but, just breathing in deeply made his body shiver in delight, like taking in the crisp air of the outdoors rejuvenated his own well being. “No not just good, this feels great!” he shouted out as he continues breathing deeply, flopping on his back to relax as he closes his eyes. “I don’t know why but, my whole body just feels a rush of pleasure every time I breathe deep!”. He could only continue his breathing as he giggles in joy from how euphoric it felt, and with each breathe it felt better than the last. Just breathing in, relaxing himself as the air flowed in him as it filled himself with a strange euphoria. Through his self enjoyment he began to rub his own body with joy, just wanting to enhance his indulgence with smooth loving rubs. Feeling his hands caress his soft fur made him tingle in joy as how much of a different yet great experience this was to him.

However, as he rubbed he noticed a strangely round yet firm expanse against his paws as he rubs around it gently. Opening his eyes in surprise, he gazes upon this firm expanse noticing that this was his own belly, his ripe yet massively bulged out belly! It was practically half the size of a car now, with not only his belly but slightly his chest pushing out greatly. Kurama could only gasp in surprise, just to grin happily at the size of it as he sat right back up “Oh my, it’s..it’s such big belly, such a big...soft glorious squishy belly”! He could only smile wider as if he was put into a hypnotic trance with how amazingly big his stomach had grown. Purring deeply as he rubbed it lovingly all of over, feeling how it was rather tight but soft as it grew bigger by the second. He didn’t know why it was growing but he didn’t care, at this point the size alone was starting to set him off as he couldn’t get enough of it.

His own desire for it to grow would be granted as it never showed signs of slowing down. Soon his belly was that of a truck, as his chest was trying to compete for that size as his arms and legs move about, having his paw pads knead deeply into it. He never thought that becoming such a large size would be good for him as he wiggled his whole body in joy as he took it all in. Nuzzling his large expanding self with his muzzle he purred deeper at how marvelous it felt to rub his bed of a belly as he lies on top of it. Now most of his body practically a large stomach of what felt like air. He no longer felt fear at all as he embraces his gargantuan self more, starting to knead deep into his swelling self with a pleasurable moan. “What a fantastic feeling this is, just having this belly of mine push out farther and farther with little to no end. Slowly growing and spreading out all over. It’s like I’m...I’m something but, what was it?” he pondered as he rubbed himself. Never did he figure he would be the type of fox to enjoy having his body so out of shape and stuffed with air. “Aaaah who cares, I’m getting bigger and that’s all that matters!” Kurama says as he just happily squeezes all he could of his belly as he started to take in deep happy breaths once more to relax into himself. What Kurama didn’t realize though, is that his mind had completely been taken over by the balloon virus, as it invades deeper inside of his body and changed it further for its sinister purposes. Unfortunately, Kurama was completely unaware of those plans as he continues to relax into himself as he takes further deep breaths of air.

During those deep breaths he realized something interesting, he felt like he could take in more than before when he breathed deep. Curious to find out Kurama tests this out as he takes more time in his breathing, taking a big deep breath, deeper than his other one’s. Closing his eyes as he whiffed in as deep as he could with just his one breath, feeling like his inhaling was endless. It lasted for about five times as long from normal deep breathing which for him was rather amazing. In return his frame filled out quite a lot with that influx of breath, causing his toes to curl back in joy as he starts to relax again on his body. From his moment of exhaling he noticed how much his belly bulged out further as he rubs into it, feeling of how bigger it was when suddenly he had an epiphany. “Wait. The breathing I was doing just now, was...was all of that going in my belly”?. It seemed strange to him that so much air was stuck inside his belly, if anything impossible. But with that piece of info he found this to be good news as he cried out in joy saying “This is amazing! I thought I was growing in general but I didn’t think I was growing from air! I can just make myself as big as I want!”.

With this revelation of what was causing his growth, he felt nothing but sheer joy with his discovery as he couldn’t help but giggle in excitement. With his current mindset now though, he really wasn’t panicking about it, but instead there was only one thing that was one his mind. “If my breathing alone makes me bigger, how big could I really get?” Kurama said with grin “Well only one way to find out”!

With those words alone he began to expand his body rapidly with the deepest inhales he could muster up, making his belly become round as ever. The amount of air became so abundant that now his once flat back was starting to bulge out into a hump. Everything just felt great to him, believing that nothing could go wrong with getting so large. What was once panic and fear became pure bliss and enjoyment as he was no longer afraid of his size. He couldn't help but feel a bit strange since he had such a massive change of mood, but on the bright side he never felt so happy before in his life. If anything this was possibly the best experience he’s ever had. No worries, no cares, just growing more and more by the minute with sweet delicious air. He couldn’t help but bounce on the ground, happily enjoying the feeling of the ground pressing firmly against his massive balloon of a belly. Suddenly, an epiphany arose from his mind, the word “balloon” began to completely take over his thoughts as he starts to get realize something important. The beliefs he had, the opinions he believed, all of it began to wither within him as his way of thinking began to slowly corrode, changing how he began to see things. It’s almost as if he discover something truly profound that would lead to the purpose of his own life! How he cared less about being unable to move now and about his size, how he was enjoying his hugeness all over without seeing any problems to it. It just felt so good and natural to feel his body like this despite it being impossible for him to be so round!

"Am I….a balloon?" he questions himself through his round air stuffed cheeks, gently squeezing his belly once more in order to gain an answer." I...I think I’m a balloon. I mean, I’m big and soft as one now and….full of air like a balloon."

He could only drink in more air as he considered the question he spoke to himself, taking in more air into himself as Kurama howled in joy as his arms began to fill vastly. Slowly they would begin to round out as he would wiggle them about helplessly as the air inside would expand his entire body greatly, making his arms slowly stick outwards. Soon they would turn into round donut like shapes, pushing his hand back to prevent him rubbing his own luscious body. Rocking heavily back and forth on his large house sized stomach, his oval sized sphere would turn into a ball as the fox rocks back and forth on it happily as he chuckles through his air stuffed checks.

Helplessly to even reach the ground or rub all of his glorious blimp of a body, Kurama continued to pass the night away just drinking more air into his gut. Only now it was starting to spread more as his chest was puffing out into powerful blimps of air, almost completely entrapping his head between them as he tried nuzzling it. Next was his bubble butt of a rear that looked big enough to hold two slim nine tailed foxes like himself inside of their spherical cheeks, that is if they weren't growing bigger by the second. . Even the hump on his back was swelling larger enough to become more of a hill than a hump. Soon Kurama began to feel helpless and trapped within his own body with no freedom in sight as he became a living blimp. But the pleasure of becoming fuller with air was really setting him off as he started to shiver with delight all over his tight skin. It became so tight around his body that even the slightest cold wind breezing on it would send him into a fit of happy giggles, like a nice soothing rub against his overburden fuzzy body. With the amount of pressure inside of him he finally knew the answer to his question as he took the most deepest breath out of all them, finally letting out his answer as he wiggles erratically in excitement.

"I’m….I’m….I’m a ballooooooon!!!" he roared in joy as he finally received the answer he was looking for, happily hugging all his body tightly as he could, even if his limbs were helplessly hanging about outside of his body. “Yes!! I’m a balloon!! A big big balloon!!” Kurama cried out with excitement “No!! Not just a balloon! The biggest balloon of all!!”. Kurama could only bounces and wiggle about in joy as he couldn't resist his new blimp of a body. But with his self celebration a creature of some sort was coming closer to him, a giant being of sorts on it’s four legs. It was Kokuo, the five tailed dolphin horse, who could only approach Kurama slowly as she was completely speechless. Her entire expression was complete and utter confusing as she refused to believe what she was seeing. Kurama, the nine tailed fox who could bring upon complete destruction to anything, had become nothing more but an orange balloon. She knew deep down this won’t end well for him.

(To Be Continued?)
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