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This book is still being written. The book is about a series of murders.
         First draft
The instinct of a detective

Chapter 1:
We start our story in the bleakness of the night in a 1975 New York at around 12:30pm, we're called to the scene of a murder, we arrive at the scene of the crime at around 12:55pm we inspect the surroundings for any clues that could give us lead but the killer seems to of covered his tracks, he knows his stuff so he must know a fair bit on how to cover his tracks we head back to the police station to start our investigation we start by looking at the murder weapon which we didn't have so we had no leads to go on but we did have a witness that was due for a hearing in the morning so until then everything is in the dark. It's about 9:38am in the morning I've had my breakfast which consisted of a slightly cold coffee and a slightly burnt slice of toast I eat it nevertheless I go to the police station by foot as its only round the corner from where me and my wife live together with our children we decided to move to New York after my run in in Chicago which is a story for another time back to the issue at hand I was due to interview the witness at 10:15am its now 10:44am my instinct tells me that something has happened, I report to front desk and see if there's anything recent that's happened they tell me nothings been reported since the murder early this morning I ask for the information concerning the witness I take note of the address New York Avenue, me and a fellow detective walk to the address as we are walking up the road we see the house we are looking for number 257 we knock on the door and wait a few minutes for an answer we decide to use force to gain access to the property we look through the building, we came across the body of the witness at 11:32am in their bedroom the room seems to be a bit of a mess which tells me the witness put up a fight before they had been brutally murdered the witness had multiple stab wounds in his back and a heavy blow to the back of his head which was the conclusion drawn by the fact his head was swollen sort of, we call for back up at the scene of the crime 2 murdered in the space of a day isn't a good look for the public luckily papers hadn't got to these stories yet and hopefully won't be until the criminal is apprehended and behind bars where he can do no one any harm. We're now back in the office its 4:27pm all that's going round my head is what little evidence we had against the crook is now gone my hope for solving this case was wearing thin but I knew as a fact that no one was safe until he was put away. As I slowly walk back to my house which is past New York Avenue I have to walk down it to get there the scene of the crime from 257 has been cleared away I look into the window of the house all of a sudden I see a flash of light as if a torch had been run through into room searching for something, my instinct kicks in and I creep up to the front door as silently as I possibly can I slowly creek the door while wondering why it had been left unlocked I slowly reach for my revolver but it's not too soon that I'm greeted with a heavy blow into my stomach, I had been previously trained in the art of self-defence, I pull myself up after the blow the man standing before me was easily over 6ft his weapon of choice was a flick knife a common weapon of choice by the criminals round here, he lunges for me, my action is swift and step aside grab his arm and put it into a position which is a simple snap and that could be a broken bone, I'm holding the crook in an arm lock and I ask him "who do you work for" he retorts "you'll never make me talk" spits on the floor I respond to his challenge "is that so?" I slowly pull his arm back he starts to scream, He exclaims "Let's just say there's a mole at the police station" I say thank you for the information I repay him for the troubles of breaking into the house with a broken arm *CRACK* a scream of agony from the man's mouth a tear swells up in his eye I call for back up and arrest the man on breaking into the house and obstruction of justice, whatever the man was doing in the house it seemed he was looking for something and also what he said a mole at the station it's hard to believe but everybody can be brought for the right price which is a scary thought. It's now 11:41pm I reach the door to my house I pull out my key from my trench coat my fingers are numb from the weather outside

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