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A letter detailing the state of Me and what I'll finally do in 2016.
Dear Me,

This letter marks the eighth straight year in which you detailed your resolutions to write, a journey that began by joining Writing.Com in May 2008. Each letter identified goals and desires in pursuit of that passion. Some were met; others were not.

To date, you've written seven Dear Me letters in which you've planned, bargained, cajoled, anticipated and promised to become a better writer, to participate more in the affairs of WDC, and to interact regularly with its members. You've reminisced over the past in order to suggest a path to your writing future.

Yes, I see the writing on the wall. I cannot continue to commit a mediocre effort and expect to fulfill my dream of being a successful and published author.

That's it! You've finally stated that which you most desire--to be published and to be successful.

By necessity, achieving future goals requires present steps. State your goals ... specifically!

By the end of 2016, I will:

1. Publish my work: This goal is two-fold. I will self-publish a themed chapbook of personal poems for family and friend entitles "A Life's Journey." And I will submit at least three short stories or poems for publication.

2. Achieve writing success: Simply put, success means being paid for the publication of the aforementioned items. The amount is inconsequential at this point in my writing endeavors--any monetary compensation is enough for this year.

You know that personal satisfaction in your life's endeavors has always been most important thing. While you've never been overly enamored with getting rich (or you wouldn't have chosen to be a custom woodworker for a living), getting paid to write would serve to soothe that ache to be considered a successful writer. And your ability to make a comfortable living as a woodworker for the past 23 years should indicate that with the same effort, you can become comfortable marketing your writing. Opportunities have recently been made available to you. But don't mistake any opportunity as easy, or a certainty. You must grasp them, now!

Become involved with select writer's groups, both on WDC and at home. They will hold you accountable to the tasks at hand--to wit, preparing and submitting your offerings for publication. Letting others know your desires stretches your comfort zone, an act necessary to grow. Giving your expertise back in the form of reviews and member support will enhance your writing skills. Seek WDC groups and contests that set deadlines. Meet these deadlines. It means you're moving forward.

Finally, I'd like to remind you of something you read recently. Don't think yourself too old to publish your work. You'll be 62 by the end of this year. If you don't publish this year, you'll still be 62 ... AND unpublished. Understand that the success you've achieved as a woodworker is analogous to success as a writer. You succeeded once....

I will succeed!

Your greatest supporter,


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