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Suicide from Overpass on New Year's Eve
PEACE, By Patricia Meyer

He watched the traffic flow beneath,
Like the blood in his veins
a pulsating stream
Indifferent to suffering
Indifferent to pain
Life is cruel and life is shame

Go, no think, no don't, sit, hush,
If the fall won't do it then maybe the crush
of an eighteen wheeler
Hush, hush, hush

Stop it now don't think this way,
Surely wait just one more day
But your body will fall and the traffic stall,
And then they'll come, just watch them all.

Gathering round to witness your pain,
Staring in shock at the blood red stain,
As your hopes and fears run down the street,
Pooling round your head and feet

And the cameras will come and tell all the news,
Of how he died without wearing shoes.

And then they'll know and then they'll see,
Just what this world has made of me.

Lights zoom by deaf to my screams,
I feel the cold December breeze
And I let go and fall with ease,
and am at peace on New Years Eve.
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