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Welcome to another edition of the Jane Austen Newsletters.
Jane Austen Newsletter February 2016
Editor: Princess Megan Rose

Another Sig of Elizabeth.

Welcome to another Jane Austen Newsletter. I am so excited. The Jane Austen Newsletters have been nominated for a 2015 Quill Award and so has the September 2015 Jane Austen Newsletter. So has my Port.
Jane Austen Newsletter September 2015  (E)
What's new with Jane Austen. This newsletter won a Quill Award.
#2055743 by Princess Megan Rose

Jane Austen Newsletters  (ASR)
This folder is for my Jane Austen newsletters.
#1313701 by Princess Megan Rose

I am not bragging. I didn't expect any nominations or anything but Jane Austen and I are honored!

Jane Austen is a big influence on today's world. Over 200 years after publication, Jane Austen's novels still hold a special spot on bookshelves and in hearts around the world. Romance and drama are the definition of "classic." She wasn't considered a profound writer in her life time, her eloquent, witty prose and timeless tales have made her into a significant culture influence in modern society." Jane grew up in a society that encouraged learning and creativity. She took a special interest in writing and her father bought her pens and stationery and she went with it. She wrote a literary piece, Love and Friendship when she was 14 years old. She also wrote a pamphlet about traveling in England.

Jane wasn't given much recognition for her written works because they were considered dull and emotionless. Like seriously? I wish she could see how far her writing has come. She understood love and wrote from her time period. All of us Jane Austen friends love her novels, style and how she draws us into her novels.

"The Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" movie. I read the book and I liked it and I would love to see the movie but my husband didn't answer me when I asked if we go see it. I will wait and enjoy it on DVD or bat my eyes at my Mr. Darcy and hopefully, he will take me to see it. . Elizabeth Bennett is a zombie killer and so are her sisters. This impressed our Mr. Darcy. Lady Catherine is a Zombie killer and thinks she is the best and resents Elizabeth. Bella Heathcote is in the movie. She played Victoria Winters in the Dark Shadows movie with Johnny Depp. If I start thinking about Johnny Depp, I will get off track and not do our newsletter! Lily James plays in the "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" movie. She played on "Downton Abbey and in the "Cinderella" movie. I am sure it will be a good movie.

"Sense and Sensiblity" has a broadway production showing at this time. I don't think the stars are well known.

"Love and Friendship", a new film based on Jane's Lady Susan stars Kate Beckensale and Chloe Sevigny. The Hallmark Channel had a movie "Unleashing Mr. Darcy." I missed that one.

In the 90's, it was "Clueless" and "Emma." We can't forget "Bridget Jones Diaries". Jane never goes out of print and we Austenites can't get enough of her!

I wrote a Jane Austen Valentines Day Newsletter last year at this time.
Jane Austen Valentines Day Newsletter  (E)
This newsletter is about Jane Austen and Valentines Day.
#2029793 by Princess Megan Rose

Jane probably went to a Valentines Day Dance or Ball and I hoped she got a valentine or two. Maybe if it was allowed, the women wore a red heart paper cut out with a gentleman's name on it that she wanted to dance with. Maybe a pink heart was worn to let the men know she was available to be asked to dance by anyone. I don't think they had heart shaped cookies or cakes back then.

Love letters were probably written to a man a young woman was interested in and given in secret. Maybe a maid or servant delivered the letter. There were no text messages or e-mails back then. I am sure we all love letters in high school. Sounds silly now. It was a nice way of letting a potential boyfriend you were interested. Jane Austen wrote letters to men she was interested in.

A Household Book was kept in Jane's house. It contained recipes and I read Jane added a poem or two once in awhile and Cassanda left a drawing or two. I don't do recipe books but I do scrapbooks and some girls at work are doing a yearly book, day by day, which they add stickers, quotes, good positive thoughts, recipe, knitting patterns or what ever they want to add. I have a book of fairy tale stickers, a Jane Austen Book of fashions, scrapbook paper, Jane Austen pictures, quotes, Jane Austen stickers and I can add pictures. I also have a book of cut out patterns from my Cricket machine of Fairy Tale Princesses {I add to buy cartridges for the machine}, I have a Christmas Book of 6 Christmases with pictures, how I decorated my tree, where I spent Christmas, my guests and a place to write my memories. I have a school book and kept things in it from each year like book report awards, ribbons for the from the football games, report cards and other special things I got. I have 2 blank Jane Austen Journals. One has a cup of tea with Jane's "Pride and Prejudice" book on it and the other journal has a picture of Jane and a quote. I am hoping to do something special with these. You can write a novel, keep a journal or Blog or make a special memory book. I made a book all about me and the ABC's of me and what I like plus some pictures of my family, my scrapbook certificates I earned and special memories I wrote about. Are you inspired to do a special book of some kind? I would love to hear from you!

Jen Serenson has created a contemporary illustrated version of "Pride and Prejudice". It is a comic that tells the story of the Bennett sisters and their quests for love. I found this in a Jane Austen News site and I am hoping Barnes and Nobles or Amazon will have it.

There are still many Jane Austen sequels you can read. I am trying to read every Jane Austen item I can. I hope to write more Jane Austen stories as well.

One more thing. A repilicia of Jane Austen's blue stone ring is being offered at The Jane Austen Gift Shop. The ring is very pretty. Be check to check out the on line Gift Store. Type it Jane Austen Gift Shop and you will find the link. The Jane Austen Gift Shop is in England of course.

Minya has a new contest that I am going to help judge. I am so happy to share it!

Jane Austen Contest   (13+)
Short story contest to celebrate Jane Austen's literature
#1978499 by ~Minja~

Don't forget these items:
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A Writing Challenge for all Jane Austen Fans.
#2017404 by Princess Megan Rose

Jane Austen Meeting Place  (ASR)
A place to meet other members and write about what you love about Jane Austen.
#1992432 by Princess Megan Rose

This is all I have. I hope to do a newsletter next month. I love writing these.

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Picture of Mr. Darcy.
Picture of sisters of Pride and Prejudice Zombies.
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