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A brief take on our existence keeping in mind the contest..
The light dies,
Dressed in white, floating in the sea, in the dark,
The dark, grizzled at the edges, its hair soaked in yesterday’s rain, eyes brown with dust and blue with an avalanche of shadows,
The dark, the dark,
Glistening of the skin
With incredulous drone at the gates of wanderlust

Rolling on the stomach, dripping from hands, coiled by your navel,
A dark without abstinence
Pouring since time

The sky walks about on the ceiling, clouds are people, lips vibrate, voices overlap and their stories and blood is on my ears,
My forehead on flame with their tenderness,
To rejuvenate the third eyes and energize the chakras with stones
My feet on ice as they wither
Softly, evoking Tai Chi

The grass grows thicker around their faces
Roots are grazed with soil, worms and burnt petals crowd their chests,
People going in the dark,
In the dark a ribbon
Shivering and stars
Blazing, running down for centuries onto the beach

By the sea where
The sounds take us
The stars are exploding on the waves,
The people are crumbling into the sand
The night is thick and rich with the smell of smoldering flesh, ashes and a taste -
Old junk, tissues and muddy shoes,
In-between we make love like beasts-In-between the sword and the spit,
We coil as smoke
Breathing out
When it rains on the beach

And the city is stuck on the wind-shield again
The incandescent haze holds lost children
A single path
Strangled by the turmoil, the sweat at the back of the neck, the fading scars, the screaming underneath the asphalt

We go in the dark
To strange celestial ships
Caught at the bend
Where the universe is tied to your hair.

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