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Love is a beautiful feeling. But not everyone is lucky enough to feel its essence.
She still remembered how great last night was.
Although guys were a common aspect of her life, she knew something was different about him. She remembered how complete she felt when their hands entangled. She remembered her cheeks turning crimson when he looked into her eyes. She remembered the instant spark she felt when their lips touched. With each touch of his her body started umwinding slowly. She remembered how her body matched his rythmn like it was her own. She remembered how perfect their fogged reflection looked in the mirror.
She could'nt ignore the burning passion that she saw in his eyes. She saw the way his lips parted when she touched him. She could'nt possibly mistake the love his gentleness showed her. She was surprised at how the hairs of her neck stands just by thinking about him.
It was not lust. It could'nt be. It had to be something else!
Was it love!? But how could it be love!? Her mind was just like a kingdom of conflicting emotions! Even after thinking about all the pros and cons she still could'nt come to any conclusion.
Morning turned to dusk. She felt helpless! She blamed herself for her restlessness! She could'nt ignore the entire thing as just "nothing". It definately was'nt nothing! Helpless, she realised that all she could do was to not charge him any money the next day.
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