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Rated: E · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2075847
My little dog goes on a adventure trying to get herself big like the other dogs.
A long time ago there live a family... They were called the Smith family and they had 3 dogs. Two big and one small. The two big dogs were called Roscoe and Neveah and the little small one was called Buttercup. Roscoe and Neveah always cared for their owners and there little friend Buttercup but during that time Buttercup always doubted herself. She always thought she couldn't do anything because of her size and one day her feelings took the best of her and she ran away. The Smith family was devastated and started a search party but they couldn't find her. After a while they just gave up and started thinking she was gone for good. Even Roscoe and Neveah missed her dearly. During that time Buttercup was still running away and she came across a garden. She thought it was so beautiful that she had to go check it out, then she would be on her way alone. When she was going around the garden she spotted a man in a blue and yellow star hat. Out of curiosity she went a little closer to the man, Then the man spotted her!!! He picked her up and said hello then stroked her fur. After a while he started saying "I know why you ran away from your home Buttercup." Buttercup was so shocked she couldn't even move. After that shock the strange man said his name was Merlin, the greatest sorcerer of the whole world. Then he said that he could help Buttercup with the problem. Buttercup instantly said yes without consideration. Then Merlin gave Buttercup a magical bean but before he let her eat it he gave her a warning "This bean will give you the power to become big like your dog friends but be warned... When you take this your family might not think your the same and you won't be the same unique person you knew. Buttercup didn't care and took the bean. An hour later she began to grow into a humongous dog. After that she went home proud and excited to see her family... But when she used her paw to knock on the door, they answered and didn't recognized her and thought she was a lost pup. They started to call the pound but Buttercup ran away before they could take a breath. She went back to Merlin's garden and begged him to give her another bean that would make her small again but the only thing he said was "The only way to break the spell is to except who you are". Then he vanished. The whole day she tried to except who she was but it STILL wouldn't work!!! After that she gave up and stopped trying, wishing she could go back home. Then she heard a bark for help and she ran towards it. When she found where the noise was coming from she found a big dog stuck between a big wire fence, and he couldn't move because whenever he did he scratched himself. Buttercup tried to pull him free but he wouldn't budge. That's when she realized there was a small gap between the fence but since she was big she wouldn't be able to fit through it. That's when it hit her... Small dogs CAN make a difference, she just needed to except who she was. That's when it HAPPENED!!! The spell changed her back to who she was and she got the dog out of the fence. He did a simple bark thank you and was off. After that a puff of smoke came out of nowhere and in it's place was Merlin. He said "See... You just need to believe in yourself and you can achieve great things. Just because your small doesn't mean you can't make a difference." Then he said goodbye and he was gone. Then Buttercup was so excited to see her family, she took off running. When she got there she used her paw again and when they opened the door they were so HAPPY!!! They picked her up and started hugging her to death while the dogs jumped up in joy. That night while Buttercup was snuggling with her owners she thought about her night and the last thing she thought before she closed her eyes was she was never going to doubt herself again.
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