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An individual who attempts to commit suicide is reminded of those who love him.
I step off the chair
After taking my last breath.
I can’t hesitate.

I’ve suffered too much.
My heart was heavy with pain
Since the day you left.

You shall not worry
Anymore of my presence.
I can rest in peace...

Wait! You had a key?
Why did you choose to visit?
Did you not love me?

My head is hurting.
The world turns black and numb.
Not enough to stop.

I fall to the floor
And I feel you beside me.
Why are you crying?

You call for something,
Something that I did not want.
No, no more sirens.

My hand starts to freeze.
The rope is removed from me
And over my head.

I feel something warm
Resting on my frigid cheek.
That’s your hand I feel?

“Don’t go! Please don’t die!”
Those words fall from your soft lips
Like your precious tears.

It is a warm touch.
One I have unknowingly
Needed. You love me.
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