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by Ev
Rated: E · Poetry · Gay/Lesbian · #2076041
My thoughts going through my transition from female to male.
She was going going gone
As he walked through the door late
She was lost forever
He had been found
She was a figment of their imagination
He is the only thing that mattered at that moment
She would become a skeleton in a closet, a distant memory
that faded as time went on
He would become the present and the future
She tried to make an appearance
He stopped her from coming out
Her voice now echoing in a hollow coffin
His voice becomes deeper as the days grow, as the seasons
changed, as the months became years
His facial hair finally begins to grow
He becomes excited about not just one thing but everything
One shot can bring happiness, it seizes the pain
causing him to push her out of his mind
He missed out on the beginning of life
His first crawl, his first smile
The first sight they ever saw was her
They had been she and she became he
They were born together, only she was accepted at birth
He was just a mere thought at that time,
but one day he emerged as a teenager walking a tight rope
Therapy couldn't fix him
He was left Feeling ashamed
She was left trying to fit in but couldn’t
They were one part depression and two parts broken
The same body but two different minds
She left him pieces to pick up like a treasure map
giving him clues as life went on
Until one day he found the treasure, the solution to life
Finally becoming want he longed for
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