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Male models nude for a woman
I was a little low on cash and wanted to go on a weekend trip. I started looking thru the help wanted ads for a part time job that didn’t take too much time. I came across an ad needing a model for an artist, two nights a week and around 10 bucks an hour. I figured I could handle that if the job wasn’t already filled, so I gave the number listed a call.

A pleasant sounding lady answered, and gave me an address to see about the job, and we set a time and date. I found the place, and it was a nice residence with a long driveway, slightly secluded but very nice. I pressed the door bell, and when it opened, I saw a lady of around forty, with nice tits, and very sexy eyes. She said hello and led me inside.

She showed me around and took me to the studio where I would be spending my time if I got the job. She showed me some of the artwork that she had done before. and it appeared she was quite the artist. There was pencil drawings, paintings of animals and some of people, even a few nudes. We talked a while and she asked if I felt I could sit for around two hours without moving a lot.

“I think I could handle that,” I replied to her.

She handed me a contract, and told me to read it over and sign it. In my typical way, I just glanced at the front where it said the money part and signed it and handed it back.

She looked at me and said “Are you sure you don’t want to read it before giving it back?”

“I am sure it is all good” I replied. Then I asked her “How many others applied for this job”?

She answered “Around 15 people, why do you ask”?

“I just wondered why they didn’t take such a sweet gig” I answered her.

“Mostly because the model will be nude. so they didn’t feel comfortable” she answered.

When she said nude, my eyes had to have increased 3 sizes larger.

I asked “Nude as in no clothes nude”?

“Yes, if you would have read the contract you would have seen the part about being nude,” she said. “Besides, you signed the contract now, so you are my model. See you Monday night.”

All weekend I fretted about having to take my clothes off in front of her, but then I thought what the hell, why not. Monday morning when the alarm went off and I got up for work. When I was in the shower I decided to do a little trimming down there so I looked good. I spent all day thinking about how things would go.

She said to be there by 8pm, so I arrived about 10 minutes early, and rang the bell. When the door opened, she was standing there in a very sexy looking outfit.

“Good evening,” I told her.

“Good evening and come on in. Are you ready to be my model”?

I got a big grin on my face and said “Yep, ready and willing”.

She led me out to the studio and she showed me where I can get undressed and put my clothes. I started getting undressed right there, but she just looked at me, and shook her head as I disrobed. I just stood there, letting her look me over.

“Do you think I will do”? I asked.

“This might be a long painting,” was all she said as she directed me where to sit.

I sat down where she wanted me to and then she proceeded to adjust my position by moving my legs and arms to get me where she wanted. A couple of times she got quite close to my member, and I could feel myself getting a little frisky being naked in front of such a hot lady. By the time she got me where she wanted me, I was showing a semi erect penis. She was back at her canvas and was going to get started.

She noticed my growing erection and said “Are you serious? If you would have read the contract you might have seen where I suggest you masturbate before arriving to help keep this from happening. I can work around it this time but please masturbate before you come over the next night.”

My face must have been getting a little red from her statement to me. I couldn’t help but look at her breasts, not sure of the size, but they were very sexy, The thought of me sucking on them kept my cock kept growing until I was fully erect. From the position she had me, it was poking above my leg in plain view of her.

“I see you are still quite aroused over there,” she said as she noticed my erection.

“Yes, I am sorry, can’t help but think about your breasts. You look so good in that outfit.” I said.

“Maybe we should take a break so you can go jerk off in the bathroom, Then we can get back to painting” she said.

“Have you had this happen before with other male models?” I asked her.

“Nope, most have been women that I have used before, and they don’t get erections.”

“I really don’t prefer to masturbate, so I will try and get it under control. Unless you want to give me a hand with it?” I coyly said with a wink.

“Really? You are going to hit on me on the first night?” she said to me.

“It was just a thought,” I replied.

“Can I continue now?” she asked me.

I shook my head yes, and sat still for the next hour. My erection slowly went down as the evening went by without any more interruptions. When the 2 hours had expired, she told me I could get dressed, and that she would see me Wednesday night at the same time.

On the way home I wondered if what she wanted was really worth the extra cash. I did sign a contract and knew she took it seriously, so I figured I better finish what I started. After I got home, lying in bed I started thinking of how she was dressed and got my erection back. Naturally I jerked off thinking of her hot body, and ended up having one hell of an orgasm.

Wednesday came around, and after work I headed to her place for session number 2. Again I rang the bell, and she answered the door dressed in the same manner she was on Monday night. I could feel my mind wanting to see more.

As we walked to the studio she asked “Are we going to go thru another episode like Monday night? Did you masturbate before you came over here”?

I said “No but I did Monday night after I got home. I was thinking about you and had a very strong orgasm."

She just gave a unemotional look and shook her head. When we got to the studio I got undressed, then noticed that she had left the room. When she came back in, she had changed into a much skimpier outfit that showed off her breasts quite well. I could feel my cock growing fairly quick.

She walked over to me, and said “I figured you wouldn’t masturbate beforehand so I am going to take care of it. I see my outfit has you nice and hard so let’s get this over with.”

She stood in front of me and lowered her mouth towards my cock. I could not believe she was actually going to give me head right there and now. She seemed to enjoy using her tongue to tease my erection. She soon slipped her moist lips over my shaft and within a minute, help most of my seven inches in her mouth. Once she started gliding her lips up and down, I knew it would not be long. Sure enough, a few minutes later she was swallowing my full load. Grasping the base of my cock, she coaxed every last drop out of me.

She then stood and said, “Now let’s get some painting done.”

She proceeded to position me how she wanted me, and the rest of the night went by without any interruptions. All I know is I must have smiled all night after getting such a very hot blow job. When the session was over I got dressed and headed towards the door.

She said “See you Monday night”?

“I will be here for sure, I may even have another erection, if you can handle it,” I said with a wink as I walked out the door.

I heard her snicker as I closed the door. The weekend went by pretty fast, and when Monday came I really looked forward to the next session at the studio. I arrived at her home and rang the bell, expecting her dressed in another sexy outfit when the door opened. I heard movement then the door opened. There she stood in a dress from her neck to her toes. There was nothing exposed on her body but her face and neck. My excitement went from a 10 all the way down to a zero.

As I entered her home I asked “What happened to the other outfits”?

“I decided to see if I dressed more conservative if your erection problem would go away,” she answered.

My excitement of a possible repeat blow job went down real fast. We walked into the studio where I got undressed as usual. and went to get into position. My cock was more depressed than I was, and it hung there limper than a wilted flower.

As she was getting me in position she noticed how soft my cock was, and I think she felt bad because she stepped back and undid the back of her dress. She let it fall to the floor. Underneath her dress was her sexy outfit that really showed off her breasts, and my cock came back to life.

“I see he is feeling better,” she said as she was getting me positioned.

“Yes, Thank you for looking so hot tonight,” I replied.

“You are welcome. I kind of liked what happened the last time you were here,” she said.

“So why the long dress?” I asked her.

“An experiment to see if I could arouse you dressed like that. Now concentrate on sitting still so we can get some work done”.

I tried real hard not to let my imagination get the best of me but kept thinking about getting her naked, and having sex with her. I watched her move around as she was painting, with her body looking so tempting in her skimpy outfit, and it was tough to not get aroused. I wanted those breasts so bad, to squeeze them, and suck on her erect nipples. Thank goodness the session ended without any major erection problems.

As I was about to get dressed, she walked over to me and asked me to hold off getting dressed just yet. She stood right in front of me, reached down, and placed her hand on my cock. As she gently stroked me, her other hand grabbed mine ,and placed it on her breasts. She looked in my eyes, and told me to give it a good squeeze. I couldn’t turn down an offer like that, and began to gently yet firmly squeeze her breast. I brought my other hand up, and cupped the other breast while enjoying her soft hands as they stroked me.

I couldn’t believe I was getting a hand job while playing with her gorgeous tits, a very excellent night. I think she could tell I was getting close to an orgasm, because she released her soft globes of flesh from their restraints, and knelt down. She put her mouth close as she continued to stroke me until I shot cum onto her magnificent boobs.

She continued to stroke me, and got the last of it out before she stood up. I wiped some of my release from her tits, and she licked it off for me.

She looked me in the eye and said “Sleep well tonight and be rested for our next session.”

From the moment she turned and walked away. I think I had a smile on my face all night.

Wednesday rolled around, and when it came time to head over for another session I added a little extra cologne as I dressed. I put on one of my tighter briefs so when I got undressed , she would be sure to notice. I headed over to her place for what I hoped was going to be another happy ending.

I arrived on time, and as I waited for her to answer the door, images of her raced thru my head. The door opened, and again she was wearing the same dress as the last time. My excitement sank a little, but I thought maybe it was her experiment again. So I followed her to the studio. When we arrived, there was a couch in there that wasn’t there before.

As I was about to remove my briefs, she said, “Leave those on a little longer, I like the way they look. Get on the couch tonight.”

I headed over, sat down, and waited to see what would happen next.

“You noticed the dress again and probably wonder why this time.”

Without a word she undid her dress, and let it drop to the floor. This time she wore nothing underneath, and exposed her completely naked body. Her breasts were as firm as I imagined and she had a nice patch of brown pubic hair above her slender waist. She walked towards me and told me to stand up. I stood up as she knelt in front of me and pulled my briefs off of me.

“I knew your cock would be ready when you saw me naked,” she said as my cock pointed right at her. “Now sit back down and get comfy, I will be right back. She left the studio. Leaving many thoughts in my head of what could happen. She returned with a bottle of lubricant, and got down in front of me again. She opened the lube, and poured some over the head of my cock and rubbed it over my shaft.

“I want you nice and slick so when you enter me you can slide in easily,” she said sexily.

She then climbed on the couch and straddled my lap. Slowly, she lowered herself towards my waiting cock. Reaching between her legs, she guided my erection into her tight opening. I groaned in pleasure as the head of my cock started to disappear inside her. A soft moan slipped from her lips as the rest of my erection slide inside of her.

She started to ride me up and down, her breasts moving seductively above me. Her hands rested on my shoulders as she fucked me. My hands found their way to her breasts, and squeezed them firmly. She leaned in until our lips met. We kissed passionately, our tongues tangoed together inside our mouths. Her right hand left my shoulder and headed to her clit, as she began to touch herself.

Her kisses were so sweet, and her lips so soft as we are joined together in passion. She pulled away from my lips and slowly lifted herself off my cock.

“I want you to lick me before we finish fucking.”

Without any hesitation I shifted around on to my knees, and spread her leg. She was dripping with juices which tasted so sweet. Her hands guided my face to the spots she wanted licked. Her body quickly arched against me as her first orgasm flowed thru her body. Her cum dripped from my lips as I pulled away. Without asking I slid deep inside her once again.

Our bodies joined as one. I kissed her again with her cum still on my lips. Her legs wrapped around my waist as I slid in and out, first slow, then fast and hard. With each thrust, her moans became more pronounced. The sensations were so sensual as my orgasm grew closer. There was no way I could have hoped for a better night.

Moments later I had to warn her. “I need to cum! Where should I do it?”

“Inside me please!”

I was a little surprised at her response, considering she hardly knew me, and I was not wearing a condom. But soon my cum exploded from my body, flooding her with sticky sperm.

Exhausted, I collapsed into her chest. Her breasts made a good pillow as I rested on her. She wrapped her arms around my neck as we lay in a pile of sexual heat. We must have laid there for ten minutes with my cock still inside her before we moved apart. I sat beside her on the couch as we looked into each others eyes.

“Thank you for such a beautiful night, this will be a memory for a lifetime,” she said as she looked at me.

“Thank you,” I replied.

“We didn’t get much painting down” I said as we started to get dressed.

“Oh I finished the painting in the last session. I figured I would do this as a bonus.”

“Any time you need a model for something, just give me a call,” I told her as we finished getting dressed.

She walked over to me, put her hands around my neck, and kissed me one more time. My hands headed straight for her ass, which caused her to emit a soft moan.

“Your check is in this envelope, along with my number” she said as I headed for the door.

On my way home I couldn’t think of anything else but the passion we had just shared. It had been a memory that would stay with me forever. And I knew I would be calling her soon.
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