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The thoughts of a man that has lived a long life
Life, to be alive. To live is something I've been doing for almost 1000 years now. In that time I have seen humanity have moments of greatness, but then there were times I wished for it's destruction.

Many times over this past millennium have I seen mankind behave like the animals they are, fighting for territory, to protect their herd and over resources. The wars fought on this world are many some for pride, others for revenge, many for greed, almost all were started from the people's ideals. What I hate the most though is the weapons mankind has made, napalm, nuclear bombs, fusion bombs, so many discoveries made to help humanity turned into weapons. I'm not saying nothing good came from weapons, many were made to find threats, to protect people, but just as many are made to kill.

In this world I've see humanity's worst qualities, which lead me to want to end the human race, but then i think of the potential they hold. Their successes are few but more brilliant than any lightbulb, to reach past our earth we discovered ways to fly through the heavens and in time we reached the moon, something I could have only dreamed of in my childhood. Saving the lives of many by giving them the organs of others. I've even heard of them finding ways to make organs, even making clones of animals, regrowing body parts. So many diseases now have cures or medicine. these discoveries came from understanding a world to small for us to truly see, but makes up everything around us.

These are the times i see humanity for the potential it has, but humanity will always try to divide people by what makes us unique. In nature many animals choice leaders, humans do as well be they the strongest, the most charismatic, the most intelligent, or those who pretend that that's what they are.

Sometimes i believe myself to have become disillusioned with humanity and that could be true, but a millennium will do that. Three wives and one husband, a can't remember them at all anymore,maybe I don't want to feel the pain of loss, or maybe the memories have simply faded, but whenever I try to remember tears seem to slip from my eyes.

Sitting here in a rocking chair just like the one my grandfather had makes me feel relaxed. Having my youngest however many greats grandchild on the carpet next to me asleep from my rambling feels nice, to nice how my family has grown makes me happy.

Now then youngin I better put you to bed your parents come tomorrow and I bet you'd like to hear another story.
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