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A short story I wrote a while back adapted for The Lair's February Prompt about Cupid.
I need to make myself heard, it has been too long since I have, thought Lightning. Everything is perfect, the ground is dry, the trees are brittle and it won't be this way much longer. “Every moment is the paradox of now or never.” 1 The ebony clouds loom overhead churning like dry heaves. I can't let the black fleecy clouds empty their bellies before I show my true power. The human fools are not prepared for my flashy finale. I've waited for this moment.... it is now or never if I am going to impress Spring.

My arm struck like a hammer on steel, piercing the air before bursting in to a fire bolt across the sky. Happy that first blow was crisp, like a sonic boom piercing the fragile veil of silence. I whirled out my arm letting another piercing bolt of fiery energy fly through the black abyss of clouds.

The gnarly pine tree shattered and split in half. Yes, the heart of the old pine tree splintered with the wrath of my power. I've never felt so reckless and impulsive, what a rush! That darn wind always tries to horn in on my party. What's it going to take to be the star in my own show?

The sweet smell of smoke, hmm." Wait ! No, this is my show. Wind go away. I forbid you to intervene Wind, this storm is mine."

Snap, crack... I thrust straight arrows to the ground below, shaking the leaves free." How dare you Wind, I will not let you steal my show!"

Wind swirled, showing his hostility openly now.

One after another I threw my best strikes out, scattering the mere humans. Their screams fed my frenzied fury. My bolts flamed through the whimpering sheepish clouds.

A small ball of orange, red, and yellow grew inside the shattered, ancient pine tree. Wind saw it first, he blew on it tickling and teasing the flame.

Another bolt of fury flew from my hand, I will not control my rage any longer, not this time Wind. This is my thunder, blue, white, and yellow bolts of electricity crackled every barrier known.


Damn it, Lightning feels the black fleecy clouds impinge silky droplets, sprinkles on the fire. Then the volcanic black clouds of doom dumped heavier pellets of water until the fire sputtered creating puffs of gray smoke and hissing steam rose.

"I will not have this," said Mother Nature." Wind and Lightning cease this foolish display of pettiness and jealousy. This cynical feud has spurred catty, childish and downright destructive behavior by both of you. It ends NOW! " Mother Nature thought to herself, the last time her sons acted like this was that dang creature Cupid was involved and a girl. I swear I will get that meddling creature if its the last thing I do.

“But that’s the trouble with moments—they end."2

Lightning hung his head, furious that his moment ended and Spring would never know his love for her. Wind smirked, enjoying Lightning's misery.

1  Simon van Booy
2  2 S. M. Boyce

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2076756