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From the first steps to the last steps, up thru life.

Childhood pain, seems at the time, to be our worse but then we all take another step up that stairway…where ever it goes.

Then our teen crisis peaks and our hearts are crushed, except, they always inflate again, as we keep up pace to take with our hearts a few more steps up to that stairway …where ever it goes.

By the time we reach about midway, our tender childhood hearts are a toughened, tangle of muscle. We find time to stop and look down, to see how far we have come and yes, it is a long ways, but we are just getting started, warming up. Life is still sometimes painful, just not so bad.

We look up, to see how far do these steps go but our view is obscured by clouds. From here on, pain is more frequent, some very close, others more distant. Occasionally a very sharp one, rocks and shakes us to our very feeble core. Yet, in time, we must get up another step. For in this life there are no quitters. Besides, the “stop button” is on the other side of life.

Life is forever. Our body is just a bit of fuel for the soul. Just like our brain which never shuts off, just goes on undetected by modern science. No it never quits, not in this life which carries us on through the next. It continues on forever, just like the stairway we climb everyday wondering if it will ever end…and no, there will always be another step, something to stop and
hopefully look forward to.

As our ascent might be the only thing slowing down, pain will be our companion and our last memory of this place, yes, all we’ve known, as we step up, yet, even more stairs.

At that last step we take up from this floor, we will know that we have finally arrived to where ever it is that that stairways goes…who knows, but I’ll bet, that pain won’t be our companion anymore, just a faint memory. Forever pain steps out; Love steps in forever more.

These words were written for our beloved friend, who lost his battle fighting Lung Cancer April 30th, 2014.
In addition, I want to add the loss of another dearly beloved. He lost his battle to Pancreatic cancer at 9:00 A.M. The 2nd of August 2022
Dean Scott Holmes born July 22nd 1959 died April 3oth 2014 Rest In Peace
Randall Wayne Thompson born June 1st 1963 died August 2nd 2022 Rest In Peace
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