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The FOUR Basic Building Blocks, God used to create the universe and everything we know.
Truth is Truth is Truth is Truth.
Everything known and unknown, is founded between the Cornerstones of this great Foundation. It extends in every direction of every dimension.

Truth built the path that leads from the past; forever heading toward the future. Yet, the Roots of Truth are always planted in the present.There is Just One. That is Truth.

Truth bears but One Seed, Wisdom. Wisdom’s Fruit bears Two, Twin Seeds, Knowledge and Understanding. There is no Wisdom without Truth and there is no Understanding without Knowledge.

Truth always precedes Wisdom and Knowledge always precedes Understanding. They are One in all and all in One.

Truth equals ONE. Wisdom alone equals One; If Wisdom stands with Truth, it is TWO. For ONE plus One equals TWO. If Knowledge stands alone it is One; if Knowledge stands with Wisdom and Truth, it is THREE. For One plus One plus One equals THREE. If Understanding stands alone it is One. If it stands with Knowledge, Wisdom and Truth it is Four; If these numbers stand alone, there is only four, they are weak. But when they stand together, where Truth is ONE, Wisdom is TWO, Knowledge is THREE and Understanding is FOUR; When added together they are strong, for ONE plus TWO plus THREE plus FOUR equals TEN The number of completion.

ONE plus ONE = TWO; ONE plus ONE = TWO
Truth plus Wisdom =TWO Knowledge plus Understanding = TWO
1+1=2 Balance is Key 1+1=2

2 Balance is Key 2
1+2+3+4 =10
The first two are the Trinity
The Seven-Fold Spirit of God

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