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A sideways glance from Genesis through Revelation.

In the beginning, death had no meaning in life. Until the chosen did not obey. Then they were taught death as punishment. But in order to over come death, they had to obey and in addition to obeying, they had to agree to be reborn.

God made something beautiful (Adam and Eve) and brought them to life, but they disobeyed and died. But before they died, they left to earth, a gift of birth. This gift of life.

God took his own beloved son in order to restore what was no more. To return to what was before, to deliver an Eternal gift sent to those who chose to be obedient. That is why we must acknowledge God's unblemished blood sacrifice he has offered to us that it might save us from the fact of death. Which in Truth, is nonetheless Life, brought forth from the lack of knowledge, in the very beginning. Now, we are born so that we may die.

Creation became an image of destruction. The first destruction was reflected in the time of Noah. Just like a reflection is the exact image of something, only reversed; God has reversed creation's blemish with perfection in its power, twofold. There is beauty where you must build to destroy to rebuild; where you must give birth to die to be reborn.

In the beginning, at first there was only a dream, a prophesy and an illision. Then there became more. In the beginning there was not one. There was only Truth. a Dreamer, a Prophet and Eternity. 

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