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It's all fun and games until you lose a Lightsaber battle with a chair.
I knew when I got pregnant with Izzy that I would end up with an overly energetic person running around my living room. I just didn't expect that person to be my husband.

"What on earth are you doing?" I ask, exasperated.

I just cleaned the room yesterday. If he continues to mess it up, Izzy will be the only child he'll have biologically.

Ben flips around to answer me, an almost incredulous look on his face. Dressed in a hooded robe, brown pants, and boots, he looks odd to say the least. Not to mention he's holding a blue Lightsaber.

"I'm saving the world, of course," he replies, scoffing. "We're in an intergalactic war, after all. Isn't that right, Izzy?"

She scurries out from the hallway, dressed up as Leia. Her hair is twisted into side buns, covered in a white dress and little boots. Even I have to admit she's adorable in last year's Halloween costume. Ben wanted us all to match, so he was Luke Skywalker, Izzy was Leia, and because I’m awesome, I was Darth Vader.

"I'm Princess Leia, not Izzy," she whines. "Don't mess it up, Luke."

"Sorry, princess," he says, grinning. "Now let's go! Come join our mission to destroy the Death Star and achieve justice."

"I'm kind of busy doing things in real life," I respond. "You know, like laundry and dishes. And fixing the room you just messed up."

Ben crouches down to speak in Izzy's ear, but he's never been good enough at whispering that I don't hear his comment about me being on the dark side.

He suddenly leaps up onto the chair beside me, brandishing his Lightsaber.

"You'll never get away with your villainy!" he proclaims, standing tall. "Good will always prevail over evil! Quake in fear of my power!"

He props a foot up against the back of the chair, bringing back his weapon. It turns out that I'm not the opponent he should have been worried about. The chair starts to tip back too much, and Ben tries to balance himself. Unfortunately, he's too late. It crashes against the floor, bringing him with it. His knee lands on it with just enough force to flip it, and it squishes him underneath it. He groans. Izzy's peals of laughter echo around the room.

For a moment I'm concerned he's hurt, but when he sulks instead of grimacing, I know he's fine.

"You're cleaning this up, Luke," I tell him, snickering. "Unless you want something to happen to your hand."

He groans again, laying helplessly while I pick up Izzy.

"Come to the dark side, princess," I coo. "We have cookies."

"Yay, cookies!"

As I walk away from my defeated husband, I can't hold back a smile.

"Leia, no!" Ben shouts. "Don't defect!"

"Mommy said there were cookies," she chirps. "Sorry."

"But . . . I am your father?" he tries.

"Not in that outfit you aren't," I reply, laughing. "May the cleaning force be with you, young Padawan."
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