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This story is about your journey to start life over in LA. FOLDER ▼

Chapter 2

Your Point of View

It’s Saturday, the night of the party. I’m ravaging through my closet trying to find something to wear. Everything I try on, just doesn’t seem party appropriate. I sigh in frustration and sit on my bed falling back on it. I decide to go through my closet one more time. I finally find the perfect outfit for this event. (https://www.google.com/search?q=party+outfits&espv=2&biw=1263&bih=547&site=webhp&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiX4JOJvsvLAhUoyYMKHWsYBukQ_AUIBigB#imgrc=sx65w3C7Y6MYxM%3A)

I put on my outfit and eat a sandwich quickly. ‘I haven’t even gotten the chance to go grocery shopping yet but I’m going to party’ I think laughing to myself. It’s about 6:15. I call a cab and give him the address of the party.

Oh wow,” he says, “This is a huge event you got into. Tons of girls want to go there tonight. I heard the band Big Time Rush is going to be there and may even perform one of their songs. It’s not released to the public yet. You’re one lucky girl.” He smiles and starts driving off. I smile politely. I remember the billboard but I definitely don’t remember what the 4 guys look like.

Even though the party is only a couple of miles away, horrible LA traffic made it almost an hour drive. The cab pulls up at 7:15 and says,

“Here we are. You have a great night Miss.” He says.

“Thank you so much.” I say smiling and paying him. I get out of the cab and go knock on the door as he drives away. Everything is so quiet around me. You wouldn’t even be able to tell a party was going on there. I knock on the door and a little part of the door (about eye level). A mouth appears and says,


“Um…” I say sifting through my purse and grabbing the invitation which says, Password: new world, “New World.” I say finally. The big metal door suddenly unlocks and opens.

“The party is up the stairs and through the door.” A huge man with a shirt that says security tells me. I walk up the stairs slowly in my heels. I’m not used to wearing heels and quite frankly I don’t like it. I walk through the door and instantly hear the party. Amazing music and green, blue, and purple lights filling the place. I look around and think, Wow this place is cool!

I take a few steps in and Dona runs up to me hugging me.

“(YN)! You came! Thank you so much. I go on in 5 minutes so you’re just in time.” She exclaims.

“Of course, I wouldn’t miss it!” I say smiling. “This place is so cool.” I say to her.

“I know right! I’m so lucky to get this gig. I’m really hoping it’ll launch my career so I don’t have to be stuck in that diner the rest of my life.” She laughs a little.

“Well go get ready for your set. You’ll do amazing!” I say smiling.

“Thanks (YN).” She says and walks away to the small backstage area. I walk around and find myself a seat at the bar in the back. I didn’t really want to cause any attention to myself, but still wanted to be able to see Dona perform. I order an apple martini and start to drink it. I set it down and turn my back when Dona is staring. I can’t help but smile the whole time. She is amazing. What a great voice and she is so good at the guitar. While I’m looking at the stage and not paying attention, a guy stands right next to me slipping a pill into my drink…

“She’s great isn’t she?” He says surprising me a little.

“Yeah she really is. I work with her.” I say smiling politely, totally unaware that he is trying to drug me.

My name is Danny.” He says with a very charming smile.

I’m (YN).” I say smiling back. I start to turn around to grab my drink but out of nowhere

another guy is standing next to me and reaching back for his drink too. As he goes for his drink he accidentally knocks mine over (but really on purpose).

“Oh, oh my gosh I’m so sorry!” He says grabbing napkins.

“It’s alright, really.” I say a little startled by the situation. He kind of eyes Danny like he knew what he did and was going to do to me. I look at the guy who spilled my drink and think wow he is so cute. I snap out of it quickly as I notice Danny walking away.

“Bartender...can I get another apple martini for the lovely lady?” He smiles and winks at me. I catch myself blushing for the first time in a long time.

“Look I’ll be honest,” the guy starts to say, “that guy slipped something into your drink…” he says looking at me seriously.

“Oh my gosh…” I look at him scared, “Thank you so much for not letting me drink that.” I say in an extremely thankful tone.

“No problem,” he says, “I just hate when a pretty girl is taken advantage of.” “My name is…….”

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