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What does PureSciFi think when it comes to humor? You will have to read on to find out.

Talking Out Loud – to Myself

     “What is the worse when it comes to humor. That’s a good question. I hate racial humor – especially when it comes to the N word. I’m also not a big fan of British human. It’s too sophisticated for me. I do love to watch the British comedies though. But what I hate the most has to be vulgar, swearing, cursing. Whatever you want to call it. I just don’t think that you need to use that kind of language to make it funny.” PureSciFi, aka SpaceFaction, sat back in his recliner. He had to be careful not to close his eyes though. If he did he would dose off – or fall asleep.

     “You will never see me using language like that in any of my stories. The closed I come to it is when I use the word naked. That all might change if, or maybe it should be when, I write Erotica. Even then I doubt it will be that bad.” PureSciFi started getting ready for work. He had the whole afternoon and evening to think about it. But like most of his stories he couldn’t actually start writing it until he got home from work.

     “I like slapstick type of humor, and one-liners too, but my favorite is still the putdown humor. Mr. Rickles is famous for it. And that’s my kind of humor. Most people either don’t like my humor – or they don’t understand it.” PureSciFi thought about it on his way to work. By the time he got there he had it pretty much all figured out – or did he?


     When PureSciFi first saw the newest prompt it didn’t take him long before he realized what he was going to say. He just wasn’t sure how he was going to do it. On his drive into work was when he came up with his concept. At first he wasn’t going to do it because of the pun part of it. Even on his way home from work the decided not to do it. A few minutes later he changed his mind. He really wanted to voice, that’s not one of my puns, his opinion on humor.

     Also while driving to work he came up with his first pun. Actually he thought about it a day or two ago when he first saw the contest and checked it out. The pun is: “Everyone has heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. But for one contest here it’s only worth five hundred.”

     PureSciFi couldn’t think of anymore puns. So he went to the internet to find them. He did that even before he went to work. But he had to wait to get home before he could decide which ones to use. PureSciFi wanted them both to be writing and/or reviewing related. Only he couldn’t do that at first. When he put in ‘writing puns’ all he got back was how-to type responses. It was even worse for ‘reviewing puns’ though. All he got out of that was reviewing movies.

     While thinking about it on his way home from work PureSciFi thought of a way to find some puns to use. He remembers a lot of his stories that way. The same is true on his way into work too. When he got home he did another search. That time it was ‘a list of writing puns.’ He got back two good search results. One of them was writing related. On that site he got his second pun: “Where should a novelist never live? – In a one-story house!”

     That was the only writing pun he could find that he liked. PureSciFi probably could have found another. If he had a little bit more time to do it. The third pun he found he saw on a couple of websites. That was why he chose it to be his third pun: “A dog gave birth to puppies near the road and was cited for littering.”

     PureSciFi knew that what he just wrote really wasn’t a story. Even though he tried to make it look like one with the humor part of it. It was more like a thesis or an outline for a possible story. Basically, what it was looked more like a lot of ranting and raving. PureSciFi also knew this ‘story’ was more telling than showing. He also tried to do that too. But that wasn’t why he wrote the story. It was for the GPs that Shaara gave out for trying. *BigSmile* PureSciFi didn’t expect to win with the latest prompt, but he never did, he just wanted everyone to know how he felt about humor.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2079276