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I had a dream about an accident, one day before it actually happened.
GOOD FRIDAY MARCH 25, 2016 I had a dream this morning. I dreamt that I was just standing there looking out a window, and the sky just started rolling up like a scroll, I was only confused for a second, and I started yelling "HE'S HERE...HE'S HERE!!!" I remember this overwhelming sense of excitement, and I was going up, up, up very comfy...like on marshmellows. It made me cry when I woke up about 5:30 a.m. Not like from a nightmare....In the year 1993, I had a dream...but first I wrote this in my diary.
God are you there listening to me? I know when you'll answer because my heart will agree. God if you are there listening to me, if you please don't mind can you send me a sign? Was it a sign or just a dream, you decide.
Friday morning 6-4-1993...
I dreamt about a mid-air collision between two aircrafts. In my dream I looked up into the sky, just as one plane curved into the other, a white and blue striped helicopter fell upside down in front of me. Its tail section on top of the fence and the tail rotor was still spinning hitting the fence...tink..tink..tink..tink...tink...I was trying to run but could barely move. There was a road and open fields with fences and corrals on one side of the street (burned grass and burning fence) and on the other side of the street there was a line of very large, tall trees. I don't remember if in my dream, If I knew where I was at, at that time. The very next day, however, I was not aware of what happened on 6-4-1993.
On Saturday, 6-5-1993, about 11:30 a.m. at Chino airport during a rain storm. Two planes collided- one a Cessna and the other was a home built Lancair 320. It was white with blue trim, it hit the Cessna's tail and the Cessna landed upside down after spinning to the ground. The other plane went down at an angle, its nose made a hole where it hit. Three people died, two in the Cessna and one in the Lancair. I did not find out until I read the Sunday paper on 6-6-1993. I never knew the victims or the surviving family members, but I did learn, years later, that their family business is near our home, with no other link to them but our prayers. The news paper was The Daily Bulletin in Ontario, California. Life can be unpredictable so pay attention to your dreams, I especially pay attention to ones I have on Fridays mornings.

"Money is not an abundance in my life,...fortunately Love is." Thank You for reading and have a safe and blessed Easter weekend. 

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