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by August
Rated: E · Fiction · Drama · #2079455
He whispered in her ear and walked away
         The room was filled with so much smoke it made her eyes water, but Kym was determined to do what she had come to do. She had to find her brother, Ayden, and drag him home...again. He had been acting out ever since their father had died in a car accident, and each time he chose to lash out, the chosen deed was more heinous than the last. The worst part of it all was the fact that this behavior of his was breaking their mother's heart, and it could not be allowed to continue. Mom was having a hard enough time dealing with the loss of her husband, she did not want to lose her only son as well. However, as Kym's bright blue eyes scanned the darkened chamber in which she found herself, she realized that finding her delinquent sibling wasn't going to be as easy as she had first assumed.

         On different occasions, Kym had been out to locate Ayden. She had found him at the corner store, hanging out with that no good buddy of his, Jacob. They had been plotting a series of "five finger discounts" they were going to try to get away with. Another time, she had found him in Allyson's basement, passed out drunk, while the girl in question's parents had been out of town. Yet another time, Ayden had managed to get into the local night club by using a fake I.D. He had been well on the way to getting his ass kicked when she walked through the door, and was easy to spot across the room. No matter what, though, she had been able to find her younger brother, bring him home, and set him straight (for a little while at least). This time, however, she had been to all of his favorite haunts, talked to several of his acquaintances, and driven all around town. There was no sign of Ayden. Walking in this den of ill repute was her last resort.

         Taking as deep of a breath as she could without choking, Kym let out a nervous sigh.

         Her appearance, in the doorway, had caused heads to turn and eyebrows to raise. Nods were exchanged, and one of the "gentlemen" stepped forward. He was attractive in that sleek, dark, Mediterranean manner that just oozed pheromones and testosterone. He was muscular and handsome, and when he smiled Kym felt shivers that caused goose bumps to raise on all parts of her body. Whether they were from nerves, or attraction, was debatable. Either way, she knew she shouldn't be there. Yet, just as she was about to turn to leave, he asked, "You're Kym, no?"

         This question stopped her motion, and she nodded.

         Leaning forward, slightly, the man brought his mouth to within centimeters of her ear. "Follow me," he whispered in a breath that was warm and tingly on her neck. He, then, turned and walked away without a backwards glance, confident that she would be right behind.
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