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Not everyone understands the beauty of dark
"I'm addicted to movies!", chirped Riya. "And im addicted to good shoes!", giggled Sumi. "Hey! What are you addicted to Zara?"
I looked out of the window, the sky turning a shade of purple announcing the approach of sunset.
" I'm addicted to loneliness", I said.
They stared at me, their expressions blank.
" I'm addicted to the dark", I continued. "I'm addicted to looking at the lifeless walls of the the room when others are indulged into lively conversations. I'm addicted to the lonliness that surrounds me when im unattended, the surrealism it brings along with itself. I'm addicted to the dark, Addicted to its sultry seductive charm making me want to delve forever into its alluring enticement. Im addicted to the hollow, starless dark nights, gracefull in its own unique way. Nights like those fill my heart with thrill. It makes me feel anything can happen anytime. Its emptiness just adds to its tranquillity. I'm addicted to black. Addicted to its uncanny poise. Silent, incoherent but still a dedicated amity."
They looked at me, bemusement etched into their face.
I grinned thinking that they would never discern the beauty of the dark.
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