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Something written long ago, that was found to came true, or rather bound to come true.

I know a funny little man who speaks no truth nor understands how important it is upon this land to be well behaved and lend a helping hand.

He back-talks his elders at 5 years old. His mess making is quite becoming I'm told. His behavior patterns are skating over bold ice.
He couldn't be the baby from Heaven I chose; and you don't want to know where he wipes his nose.

If it's not yet broken, it will be soon. I swear at night, I hear him howling at the moon.
He is so sly, like no one you have ever met; when you turn your back, is all you regret.
But don't you worry don't you fret, he should get worse, before he gets better, I'll bet!

Be careful what you write. There is so much power in the Word.
Whether it's evil or benign, there is a reason in which they rhyme.

I have wrote down my prayers, totally forgot about them, then found them again, two years after the prayer was already answered, reminding me of the power of prayer.
One good example of the Power of the Word is...
Ship's Name
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