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A patternless stitching of my quotes and writing scraps.
Think of the Unworldly, Ungiven Gifts that await those who wait patient Unknowingly.

Our entire life is just a nap; we are resting in Heaven's lap.

The imagination is a place where all the answers hide.

Truth is Truth is Truth is Truth
All in favor say aye!!!

You can lead the stragglers to Truth but you can't make them believe.

Yield is what you gather,
like flowers from a field,
is your floral yield.

Whenever I sneeze and get a chill...
I just say "bless me!" when no one else will.

The power of the WORD is a picture of a thousand!!!

Prophets speak the incomprehensible language of the future.
They bring the lock into focus...But the key is held in the pocket of another place and time.

Your only part smart, if you're not street smart.

Surface dust and mental, both mixed with time,
will dull what once shined.

The full moon's
sacred light,
devours the deep dark-
ness of night.

Reality is a place where the imagination can never lie.

Life will rock on
long after we are alive
to listen to it.

The Internet is a Goldmine.
Not to stuff pockets full of Nuggets,
but to stuff the pockets
of your mind.

Be strong enough at least in mind, to stand alone and still be kind.

You, yourself are a concoction of those you know. From the past to the present, from near and from far, storage of A personality jar, which made you who you are.

Be yourself enough, to express your heart; so you can stand with others or stand apart.

Wisdom is a destination. There is no sign, there is no arrow. Try the road that is steep and narrow.

Wealth is not money, wealth is not gold. It is not possesions like we are told.
Wealth is your goodness that you make enfold. The love you gave and shared is power that you hold. Your wealth is the caring that you have shown. Your wealth is your daughters and your wealth is your sons. It's the sum of your giving of love you have done.

The imagination is a place where reality can always lie.

Truth and God is one thing worth discovering on your own.

Manners to remember:
To say "Thank You" and "please".
"Bless you", for a sneeze.
"Excuse me" if you burp or fart;
stinky noise is not an art.

I comfort an inner ache
With a pencil and a pen
By the soft sense that I make
I console myself from within.

I soothe, absorb then erase
The negative energy that slows my pace.
My views in life. which
I collect in many pieces,
I sew in with a goal
Like a mental squeeze for the soul.

My life seems more like a giant jigsaw puzzle.
Where I work on piecing it together,
a little each day.
Till one day, I stand back to see the whole
complete picture;
just to realise that I've been missing a few too many pieces.

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