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In a world so corrupt, too many questions and never enough answers.
We all are here on this planet. We are here and grasping hands for the first time, communicating all of our hopes and venting all our rage. Our cultures are almost invisible; with a social status that appears more or less the same.

We are friends, aquaintances, family and followers. More like strangers united to trust one another. I don't know who you are...but if your not my sister, than you are my brother.

We have similar likes and very close views. Some are awake, yet so many choose to snooze.

Sharing an idea, a fact, a smile...shall prove one day to all be worthwhile.
So let's shout a little louder; get it all out, done and said; because when there's a fire you make people get out of bed.

How many whys does it take to get to the center of a massive lie? How many whys before we get to the bottom of the over-all mistake? How many will die before we step ahead of the line and their crimes?

How many conflicts will we have to fix before they admit to the deceit and their tricks? How many masks will we have to put on? How many laws will we have to pretend to break, before they fess-up that the facts were all fake?

How many children will they allow to die? How many tears will these dear mothers cry? What kind of suffering will these poisons donate? What kind of horrors will these monsters dictate?

These are some questions, yet the answers remain
uncertain enclosed in a huge empty space.

What kind of troubles? How many victims & what kind of fears do we all face? How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop?...Crunch. The world may never know... because there is too many questions and never enough answers.
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