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by K8McP
Rated: E · Sample · Children's · #2080477
I am working on making more realistic characters by showing emotions
Jamie came down the stairs and saw KyLyn rushing from the gym in tears. He called out to her, but she was out the door and heading for the wood. He knew he could find her later, so he walked into the gym to find out what made her so upset. It was with little surprise that he saw TC pick up KY’s backpack and empty it onto the gym floor, as his goons cackled. Jamie’s face flamed with heat and he felt his pulse begin to pound. Without another thought, he rushed towards TC, who turned in surprise. With an incoherent sound, Jamie punched TC in the face, feeling something crunch as warm blood splashed over his hand. Jamie silently began to pummel TC, who was trying to hold his nose and defend himself at the same time. Other students began chanting, “Fight, fight!” but Jamie could barely hear them through the rushing sound in his head.
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