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A Flash Fiction piece. What could possibly go wrong at a wedding?
         Quaking a little, Lynn stood at the open terrace doors surveying the seated guests in her parents' garden. This was her big day, and behind her, Mom fussed with the extremely long lacy veil, or as she had chided Lynn, 'the train'. Daughter hadn't been too keen about the train, it was a concession for the mother-of-the-bride. She never had liked to wear anything on her head. "It'll be so lovely and traditional," Mom cooed." If it's good enough for royalty it's good enough for my daughter. It'll be a head-turner; cascading behind you." Lynn had nick-named the wedding finery, 'the train of trepidation'.
          Hearing her music begin, she stepped out onto the red ribbon of carpet that stretched from her childhood house and served as her aisle to matrimony. Giggling to herself, Lynn saw this as a train track. Up ahead she could see her groom awaiting her arrival. He stood so handsome next to the tower of stone that her brother had created as a makeshift altar.
          So intent was she on her solo journey, Lynn failed to realize that her train was becoming heavier. Her Mom was correct, the train did turn heads; in fact it suddenly snapped hers back. The family dog had hitched a ride down the aisle with her.
         With the baleful beast banished, Lynn finally stood beside her beaming beau. She had arrived at the altar without a glitch. The marital vows were repeated. As she and her spouse stepped closer to the altar to sign the licence, the train swirled and snapped in a gust of wind, sucking Lynn towards the ornamental pond nearby. Reaching for her, her husband stumbled propelling them both into the water. Mom's bridal train had derailed. (289 words)
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