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by Angel
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A strange piece using frog jokes
Why are Frogs so Happy; They Eat What Bugs Them

You think this is the case, if so, I'd eat the wife, the kids, and Bert, who lives up the way; his croaking is enough to make a good frog cry. Don't get me wrong, being a frog is great, just not here. Why couldn't I be in a better place, where we get at least six hours of sunlight a day, not just one? Also, what's with the stupid cat that regularly tries to eat me; couldn't he chase Bert, that would solve at least one of my problems.
         Hi ya Morris, so wart's new?
         Same as usual I guess, wife, kids, Bert and that stupid cat, what about you, anything new happening?
         Yeah! Did you hear that Greg has a new Flat Mate?
         Really! That's a bit harsh
         No, he really does, her name is Beryl
         Who on earth called a frog Beryl
         Don't be mean, it was a big batch that year, names were obviously scarce by the time they got to her.There was a bit of trouble when                    she moved in, though.
         What, already, what happened?
         Beryl parked her car in the parking spaces at the end of the road but she doesn't have a permit yet and they toad it away.
         Did she get it back ok, yes but it cost quite a bit, not a good start to her move!
         Do you want a drink?
         Oh, yes please, while you're there could you put a bit of cash in the jukebox, just a little bit of hip-hop if you can?
         Again, really! You had that last time, can't we have something different.
         How about the Lindy Hop for a change?

I suppose my life isn't so bad, I get to drink here, good friends like Joe and Greg. Bert's bearable I guess, the wife and kids keep me busy, so many of them this year. Things could be worse.

         Ah, there you are Joe; I don't suppose I could have a lift home later.
         Of course, let me know when you're ready to go, I'll get the car, you just hop in. Cheers!

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