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Quite long free-verse poem about a land inhabited by races of differently-striped people.
Once there was a land inhabited
by green-striped people.
To this land came boatloads
of a blue-striped race, who
proclaimed themselves superior.
These blue-striped people seized
the lands of the green-striped race
and killed those who wouldn’t willingly
migrate westward when so ordered.

The blue-striped race established farms
and cities. In the southern part of this
new land, huge tracts of lands were owned
by a few rich men. To farm these plantations
a race of orange-striped people were brought
by force from their native land and owned
by the blue-striped race, who felt free to whip,
rape, and sell off their family members at will.

This treatment of the green-striped and the
orange-striped races by the blue-striped race
continued unabated for several centuries.
Then a big fight broke out between two segments
of the blue-striped people in which the winners
declared the orange-striped race now to be free.
Ahh, but the former slave owners among the losing
blue-striped segment were far too clever.
With new laws they enslaved these freed
orange-striped people and kept them
in their rightful inferior place. This continued
so for another hundred years.

Meanwhile, the blue-striped race was settling
the entire West until they controlled the land
from coast to coast. Those annoying green-striped
people were largely exterminated, with the
remnants imprisoned in unwanted lands too poor
for use by the blue-striped people.

At the same time, pink-striped workers were
imported from a faraway land to build
the railroads uniting the land. Of course,
the blue-striped race considered them inferior
and unworthy of any rights under the law.

Previously, the blue-striped race had coveted the land
to the southwest long owned and inhabited by an
inferior race of purple-striped people. Through wars
the desired lands were taken from this undeserving
purple-striped race. The blue-striped race was happy
with what it had accomplished through genocide
and cruelty.

The blue-striped race had uncontested control
over this land for nearly four centuries.
Then the inferior races grew somewhat bolder
and demonstrated to acquire their rights
under new laws. The blue-striped race
was filled with people who fought against
losing control and did all in their power
to delay their loss of power. One political
party became representative of these
angry blue-striped people, many of whom
were old and unwilling to welcome change.

The day came when all their party’s tactics
to deny voting rights, to steal elections by
Gerrymandering districts, to threaten
to build walls to keep out purple-striped
people, to exclude whole races of foreigners,
to be the party of obstruction of progress,
and to whip up fear and fuel racism among
their supporters finally failed.

They were overtaken by the future, a future
they hated because the blue-striped race
was doomed to lose their majority control
of the land they had dominated for centuries.
And they feared the consequences.
What would be the blue-striped peoples’
fate when the orange-, purple-, and pink-
striped races gained control of this land?
Would these races seek revenge for past
horrible treatment at the hands
of the blue-striped race, or would these races
prove to be far more interested in fairness
and justice than the blue-striped race ever was?

This is a story still in progress.

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