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Rated: E · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #2082125
The intro to my new book i'm working on

It was a dark and stormy, night. Doc Tandem And his assistant, Nurse Parsin Stood over, an operation table. On the operation table lay a lifeless body, which somone had found in a river. The man had just stopped breathing. The body had several injuries, including a bruised face and lips. Tandem quickly looked at a small computer screen. He frowned and ordered his nurse to grab some surgery tools. Nurse Parsin walked out of the room. Just as the door closed lightening thundered, through the air. Suddenly a lightening bolt thundered though the roof and hit the body, which lay infront of Tandem. There was a great explosion that sent Tandem and several other doctors, around him, flying through the air. All went black for Tandem. It was a couple minutes before Tandem awoke. Tandem sat against a wall a large burn on his face. There was a large hole in the ceiling above. Equipment around him burned slowly while doctors and nurses struggled to put it out. Out of the corner of his eye Tandem saw a blue streak run towards a door. Tandem slowly got up and dashed after the object. He dashed into a hall and almost tripped. The floor was torn up and cracked. There was a large burn which chased after the streak. It was as if where ever he walked burned up. Tandem stepped off the burnt floor and followed the trail, to a flight of stairs which led to the roof. He ran up several flight of stairs, until he came to a regular sized door, which led to the roof top. He opened the door and stepped out into the raining weather. Infront of him he saw it. There was a large figure, standing by the edge of the building. Lighting pulsed through his veins. This figure seemed way larger than the body he had been operating on earlier. The figure turned and staired at Tandem. Than he lifted both hands and looked at them. Lightening shurghed through him and he felt great pain. His muscles grew rapidly. Tandem watched in amazment. Tandem noticed that where the body had been struck by lightening, there was a tatoo of a wild stallion, reigning. The tatoo was on the mans shoulder and it was a bright blue and like the rest of the man, it also pulsed with energy. Tandem slowly walked foward. The man started to breath slower and as he did the color in his veins slowly, lost its brightness. But as soon as the man noticed, Tandem stepping foward, the lightening in his veins shot back brighter than before. The man shouted and than turned and leapt off the hospital building. Tandem stepped up to the edge and watched as the man dashed off with, great speed. Where the man had landed there was a small crater. All Tandem was able to say was "Amazing!"
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