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The car journey to Snow Lake Tech
A man with sunglasses is seen casually steering through city streets. The view is from a camera being held by the passenger next to him. As the shaky footage adjusts with zooming in and out, the driver takes notice.

"Oh, you've switched it on?" The camera zooms in to the extreme towards the driver.

"What the fuck are you doing man? I'm trying to drive!" Laughter can be heard from the cameraman.

"Fucking Paparazzi" The driver pulls a strand of hair as he checks himself in the rear view mirror.
"That thing's got battery yeah?"

"Yup" The camera nods up and down as the camera man speaks.

"Spec-tacu-laaaar" Spoken in a somewhat sarcastic tone.

"Shall we start doing our on-screen meltdown and show how crazy we are? Like Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold's Trench-Coat Mafia videos type of footage" Both men laugh as the driver prepares to scream into the camera.

"Okay listen here you pussies! You motherfucking assholes have pushed us around long enough! You fucked with the wrong mother fuckers and now we're here to
kill your kids, rape your women, shit in your bedrooms, eat your food...."

"Steal your candy bars!" The cameraman interrupts.

"Steal your candy bars and...and we're GONNA EAT IT YOU FUCKING...SANDWICH EATING PUSSIES!"

The view tilts down as the cameraman can't withhold his laughter. The driver with a wide smirk on his face, does not laugh. As the cameraman bring up the camera, the atmosphere seems to change.

"So, who'd you wanna fuck the most at college?" The cameraman asks.

"Stacey Dwight. Yeah...yeah definitely her. She's got that blonde-girl bimbo look to her. Tall, slim, nice big juicy titties just begging to be played with" He nods his head and looks into the camera.
"Yeah. I'll probably have to choke her out. Y'know, keep the body intact and minimize the blood. Then I'll drag her from her hair into a nearby closet or cave and grunt MY WOMAN! as I...." They both chuckle
"As I have my wicked way with her, caveman style Y'know?"

"So you're gonna kill her, then fuck her afterwards?"

"If I have the time. I mean, I'm not going to be running through the school with a raging-hard dick looking for some bitch to suck it y'know" His face quickly turns neutral as he lets out a sigh.
"I mean at the end of the day, we're going there for one thing and one thing only. Anything else, if there's time then sure whatever. As long as we do what needs to be done"

"And what is that?"

The driver rapidly turns into a parking space. His finger-less leather gloves sweeping over the top of the wheel, pulls the clutch into first, turns off the engine, and just as the engine cuts off, he stares directly into the camera.

"Kill Bitches"
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