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by Tricia
Rated: E · Short Story · Drama · #2083828
In pain and suffering, awaiting for help that might never come
It's Time

I'm bleeding out.

I'm dying.

Help is on the way but I have no idea how long it would take to get here. Beads of sweat form slowly on my brow as I fight the pain. I closed my eyes and breathed out slowly but the pain in my gut only gets worse.

}You'd think that after all this years, the pain would get easier to deal with, but it doesn't. I try to think of something, anything, else to get my mind off the pain but all I can think about are my sisters and my mother. How they've fought this battle with me and the pain they've had to endure as well. When will this all end?

}Blood spurts with every other throb of my heart.

I'm dying.

I needed to replenish my fluids until help arrived. I grab a near-empty bottle of water and finished its contents. Can I refill the bottle? I attempt to get up but I'm hit with a fresh wave of pain. I lie back down again but no position I try lie in brings any comfort.

Where is he? He should be back by now.

I try not to think of all the scenarios he must be facing that would prevent him from coming back to me, knowing that I'm lying here bleeding out. Decisions, decisions. Tick tock, tick tock. It can't be easy for him. I don't know of any other man who would risk anything like this for me.

Why is he taking so long though? Maybe he decided he couldn't do it after all.

{size:3}This is it - he's not coming back and I'm going to die here alone in my own pool of blood.

Just as my thoughts of doubt started to claw its way into my weary consciousness, I hear hurried footsteps. The jingle of the keys so familiar, and then the door is opened by my saviour.

"Sorry I took so long," he pants, "there were regular and XL sizes and I kinda figured you'd be a regular but from the sound of it sounded like an XL problem, so anyway - I got both just in case. And painkillers from the pharmacy." He refills the empty water bottle and prepares two pink pills of painkillers.

I smiled weakly and gratefully accepted both the pills and the two boxes of tampons from him. He was right, it was an XL problem.

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