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Spring news for the Power Group

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Hello Power Reviewers!*Smile*

The past couple of months has brought a mix of great times and tragic times at our group.

Please take a moment of silence to remember our beloved Captain, Jen~ , who passed away this month.
She will be missed.


*Rainbowl**Rainbowr*Upcoming Events*Rainbowl**Rainbowr*

"WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group has been nominated for the Quill Awards this year.
It would be awesome for us to win!
We can now proudly use this image.
See how nice is looks with our group link!


The Power Captains have a Mini Challenge planned soon.
It will be a chance for you to display your very best reviews.
More information will be coming soon, but in the meantime, please take a look at the challenge item:

Over the Rainbow POWER Raid!  [E]
March over the Rainbow with Power!
by eyestar~Happy 13th POWER crew!


Our June review raid will take place on the 16th.
More information will be coming from raid hosts, Maryann- Happy 13th Power and Tiggy .


image for the game

Martell's banner will wave again at this year's Game of Thrones competition.
The competition will take place in July. Thank you to those who already voiced interest in being on the "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group team. If you are interested in battling under the Martell flag, please send me a note. You still have time to decide, as even the leader's don't have the details yet.


Here's a first look at our newest Group Badge:

Merit Badge in Power Reviewer Captain
[Click For More Info]

 Maryann, your captaining skills are an integral part of our smooth sailing  [Link To Item #power]  And, I'm happy to count you as one of my friends. *^*Heart*^* ~Nixie

Unlike most of our other group badges, this one will be very hard to get. I think, we might give out some to a few of our very best Martell players this year.


*Rainbowl**Rainbowr*Member Items And Group Links*Rainbowl**Rainbowr*

*Starfishy* Member Items *Starfishy*

Gosh, I took last place in the contest which I entered this chapter in! *Blush*
Can someone please let me know what I did wrong?
Pixie The Purple Polar Bear-chapter 1   [E]
Two children meet a purple bear from another planet
by Maryann- Happy 13th Power


Take a look at this brand new story which Lisa Noe Kittyluv um Puppyluv wrote:
 An Unexpected Life  [13+]
A young man tries to win custody of his son who is yet to be born.
by Lisa Noe Kittyluv um Puppyluv


Andy~~getting back to WDC has been working on this gem:
The Ancient Egyptians  [13+]
A collection of the history of Ancient Egypt
by Andy~~getting back to WDC


Next year, "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group will celebrate it's 10th anniversary. The upper staff will be asking for fun activities which can take place each month for the entire year. Get your thinking caps on in the meantime.
This year, another group is celebrating their 10th anniversary. I put the following item together in honor of that group's members. Power members can participate, so stop by to do something nice for them, and you might win a prize.
Applaud a Member of The Angel Army  [E]
Join us each day during May to celebrate a different member
by Maryann- Happy 13th Power


Do you have a new item which you would like to share?
Post it over at our com forum: "Superpower Reviewers HUB

*Starfishy* Group links *Starfishy*

~Click here to visit Power Shop Gifts~
SuperPower Gift Shop  [E]
Buy a gift for someone special, yourself, or purchase an exclusive Power Group Merit Badge
by Lornda~Happy 13th SuperPower!

Superpower Reviewers HUB  [E]
Chat and Check what's happening!
by eyestar~Happy 13th POWER crew!

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by A Guest Visitor

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"Review Me List for WDC Power -ON HIATUS"   by KC under the midnight sun
"WDC Powers Review Me List 2--ON HIATUS"   by Lornda~Happy 13th SuperPower!
"Master Book of Shared Group Images"   by Maryann- Happy 13th Power
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"Reviewing Tips and Information"   by Maryann- Happy 13th Power
"Meet Your Power Captains"   by Lornda~Happy 13th SuperPower!


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