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Not everything's all that hip and glamorous,keep reading to learn more about the dark side
I've been dumped in the middle of a concrete jungle.

I breathe in a lungful of polluted air, trying desperately not to
suffocate in this cloying, sweaty heat.

It wasn't always like this. But I guess rows and rows of high rise
buildings and skyscrapers has consequences other than breath-taking

Hong Kong offers visitors traditional Chinese surroundings while
simultaneously combining a Western influence. It is a world where air
conditioners are used almost 365 days a year, and where heaters are
practically non - existent. The near-tropical atmosphere means that
t-shirt and shorts are a popular choice among residents and furry
winter coats are rarely utilized.

Living at the other end of the world is difficult. Apart from the
obvious weather difference, one must also take into account the
difference in lifestyle and social expectations. In a world where
hierarchical differences exist, and where manners, respect and
politeness are taken to a new level, newcomers must be prepared and
willing to keep an open mind during their stay.

What I find the most disappointing is the sense of humour. For
reasons that I can't explain, people here have a different sense of
humour This usually means that I am the only one laughing when I tell
an apparent 'joke'. While I don't really mind laughing at these jokes
(since I only told it if i thought it was funny), it is a little off
putting and disappointing because it means I don't really know what to
talk about if I can't really connect with other people. And I have
enough trouble with dealing with other people anyways as a general
rule of thumb.

The heavy, suffocating heat is a constant reminder that I'm not in
Ireland anymore and that I'm actually at the other end of the world.

Well, I could always start swimming back....

To Be Continued....
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