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by Harry
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A rhyming poem about the antics that occur within a zoo's Primate House.
At the Primate House at the local zoo,
he looks through the large glass window to see
a family group watching what he’ll do.
He wonders how entertaining they’ll be.

The big male bares his teeth in a huge grin.
The small female clasps herself in a hug.
A young male raises his arms, begins to spin,
distorts his face into an ugly mug.

He stands watching their antics for a while.
His attention seems to encourage them,
as their movements become more juvenile.
Soon he becomes quite bored with their mayhem.

He turns away, walks over to his mate.
Inside his mind now rages a fierce debate,
recalling hearing two zookeepers state
these weird humans are a higher primate.

What he has seen of humans does not much impress
him, a chimpanzee. Maybe at zoos they regress?

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