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I struggle with the prompt for a writing contest **Semi-Finals for May 2016 Blown Away!**
**WINNER** of the May 31, 2016 "The Writer's Cramp" contest "*Cow*WINNER & NEW PROMPT Due Wednesday June 1st"   with the prompt:

FIRST line of your story or poem:
Donna's finger grazed the pink button tentatively before settling on the green one.

LAST line of your story or poem:
Sometimes mistakes aren't really mistakes at all.

And a special thank you to ♥HOOves♥ for the wonderful ribbon!

The Writing Contest--630 Words

"Donna's finger grazed the pink button tentatively before settling on the green one."

I sit back, pondering the next line...Nothing. Nothing, nothing, nothing. Perhaps deciding to write an entry for this contest was a mistake. After all, yes, I promised myself I'd enter every day for a while, but I didn't say how long that while would be. Two days is a while. A short while. A VERY short while. No. I will do this.

Ok, who is Donna...My only real thought is a gameshow contestant. Why can't I come up with something better, or at least something more inspiring to me. If my own thoughts can't inspire me, I'm in trouble.

Did I promise myself I'd enter this contest every day? Maybe I just promised myself I'd write every day. That sounds legit. Or I could enter any contest every day. The problem with that being I'm new and don't know where they keep the contests. And being new, I need Gift Points and know this one has a handsome prize for the winner. Stupid The Writer's Cramp contest--it should be called The Writer's Block contest. I should snoop around and see if there is such a contest. I'd enter that one.

Wow, this is harder than I expected. I think I've made a mistake.

No. No, it's not hard. Just think. Who is Donna...Donna is...a girl. Good going. Donna is...a telepathic, invisible, gay, transsexual bison who speaks through her belly button...oh, and of course, she's from another dimension. Yeah. Better not write that. Besides, it's still not inspiring. How do these other writers do it? They just come up with these amazing ideas--not all of which are executed smoothly, but still, amazing ideas. You can teach the execution, but teaching ideas is a whole different problem.

This was a mistake. I shouldn't have decided to enter this contest. Though really, I haven't entered the contest. I'm just writing whatever comes to my mind. Yeah, like that takes talent. A six-year-old can write what comes into their head. I do think my execution is a bit more advanced, though. I'll pretend it is because it makes me happy to think that though I may not be as creative as a six-year-old, at least my grammar and punctuation are better.

Okay. Seriously. I've got to come up with something. Donna. Donna is a mistake. Maybe I could write about that. No. The mistake is supposed to be about the buttons. I'm pretty sure about that. Ak! Less than an hour left and I still have absolutely NOTHING! Obviously I'm the mistake here. Blech!

On the good side, they say if you want to be a writer, you should write every day. They didn't say you have to write well, so I've managed the writing part at least. I wonder who said to write daily...


No idea, but here's a cool quote:

"10 Steps to Becoming a Better Writer

Write.                    (Check)
Write more.                    (Check again)
Write even more.                    (Check--so far, so good)
Write even more than that.                    (Currently checking)
Write when you don't want to.                              (Double check)
Write when you do.                    (Tentative check--I'm feeling slightly better about it now that I've gotten started)
Write when you have something to say.                    (Pre-check--I'm sure I'll have something to say one of these days)
Write when you don't.                    (Double check--Doing it now)
Write every day.                    (Check--maybe that's where the quote came from)
Keep writing."                    (Check, double check, and pre-check)
- Brian Clark

Well, it's almost time for the contest to be judged and I still have no idea who Donna is, what happened when she pushed that green button, or if she really even pushed it at all. Maybe she smeared blood on the green button. I guess the world will never know. But one thing I do know. I thought writing for this contest was going to be a mistake, but sometimes writing is about writing and not about winning some contest. Sometimes mistakes aren't really mistakes at all.

Nominated and made semi-finals for May 2016 "Invalid Item Nominated by ♥HOOves♥
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