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Free-verse poem using words devoid of their usual prefixes and having changed meanings.
This poet seeks to accomplish
with this chalant effort
a sheveled poem full of feck
and producing a sidious effect.

My hope is its readers will say,
a la the golf commentator,
the dapper David Feherty, that
their flabber has been completely
gasted … or at least that they were
quite whelmed upon the read.

My approach is somewhat trepid
since I realize the punity of my actions,
for should readers not find this poem
picable I am vincible.

As my lines dulate along, I trust
the result will be wieldy, if peccable,
and leave readers quite gruntled,
if not completely mayed.

This poet iterates to all that I am
quite lusional as I write these words
and do trust my choice of words is ept
and shan’t cause me to be flappable.

Even should readers find my poem
nocuous, I will remain rather
highly plussed. In any case,
I have little doubt that this poem
will prove to be decidedly unhistoric.

(Reading this poem requires a bit of thought to spot all the words that lack their usual prefixes and translate them into their changed meanings. Happy hunting!)

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