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Writing prompt, 500 words maximum
You have received a bill in the mail and it was incorrect. There was a phone number to call so you give it a ring. The person who answers has a beautiful voice. After several minutes the issue is resolved, but you can't help wondering who this person is with such a beautiful voice so you take a leap and ask the person out. Surprisingly, the person says yes. What happens next?

500 words or less.

"What did you say? I didn't hear you just now, the line seems to be disturbed."

He laughed his beautiful laugh. "I said yes, of course, why not, or did your hearing aid stop functioning?"

I felt a blush coming up at the other end. "I am not that old", I uttered, feeling both joy and stress at the same time. I had just asked this man out, what was I thinking?

"How old are you anyway", my voice sounded funny.

"Old enough to enjoy drinking a cup of coffee with a customer", his reply was.

We exchanged cell numbers, set a date for the next morning and I hung up the phone. What on earth had just happened? I had asked out a total stranger with a beautiful voice. I must have been mad.

For the next few hours I was busy changing clothes and putting on some makeup. Going natural or for the kill? I chose to look like myself and wiped off the lipstick. It was only a cup of coffee I told myself a hundred times, nothing to fuss about. But, the adrenaline rose to dangerous levels.

I woke up early that morning, after a night of wild and disturbing dreams. I couldn't help myself wondering what could be the outcome of my silly act. What if we hit it off, would I take him home with me to my house? I looked around in my one-bedroom apartment and decided on a quick clean and clutter plan. My dog looked puzzled while I ran around with books, laundry, and kitchen supplies. Within the hour I had transformed my flat into a cozy hideout. I even had time to buy some flowers and groceries for a lovely dinner for two. And what the hell, the steak was on special offer!

At exactly eleven I drove my car up to the shopping mall. The little coffee shop was at the end of the lane so I walked the last 500 yards. I looked through the window, but the place was empty. I found a seat in the corner with my back to the door, sat down and waited. My hands were shaking, my feet were hot.

At 11.15 I was desperate. What if he didn't show? What if, ...when the door of the coffee shop made a squeaking sound. Slowly I turned around, smiling.

"Hey, lady, can I buy you a cup of coffee?" His voice was as beautiful as I remembered.

And there he was: a kid in a wheelchair. He could not have been older than twenty-five. My fifty-five-year-old heart skipped a beat.

That night I learned the skills of a paraplegic. His hands were as phenomenal as his voice.

458 words

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