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She was right all along, he was a player and a complete jerk.
As they peered into the crystal ball, the foggy glass cleared and an image shimmered into view…It was him. The one that broke her into a million pieces. The crystal ball revealed exactly what she thought it would, him sitting with that incompetent girl in his house to celebrate who knows what. Ava rolled her eyes at the sight. His name was Robby. He was the one she trusted with every little thing and now he does this to her. She was not surprised by the sight of him with her, she knew they’d been talking the day they had split apart. Her name was Jacey. She was a homely girl, with brown hair, big lips and big brown eyes. All she could imagine was Jacey putting her big lips to his. That image never left Ava’s mind. No, their relationship hadn’t been perfect but it was as close to it as they could manage because of all of the problems his family created. That girl was now her enemy. Of course she was not as devastated about the break up as he was, probably because she knew it was coming sooner than he did. Now Robby was trying to get back at her. He was stealing her friends to make himself feel better because he couldn’t stand that she wasn’t as affected by the break up as he had been. He told lies about what happened when they split, he hung out around all of her friends so she had a select few left, he even started to act like the complete opposite of what he acted like when he was with her. Ava didn’t realize she could hate a person as much as she hated Robby. It wasn’t bad at first, but after she found out that he almost asked this Jacey girl to prom, she was furious.
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